When Should You Let Your Kitten Outside?

You want to let your kitten outside to enjoy fresh air and freedom to explore the neighbourhood, but what is the right time for them to be brought out to explore for the first time? Do they have to be a certain age before they can safely go outside? Does your kitten even want to go outside? Do you have to train them to go outside? Does your kitten have to be neutered or spayed before you let them outside alone to roam free? Do you need to give your kitten vaccines or a microchip before they go outside?

What Is The Right Age To Let A Kitten Outside Alone?

Most kittens are prepared to leave the house and to explore the outside world at six months old. By this age, the kitten is already familiar with your home and will be able to track their way back after their adventure. Once your kitten is big enough to defend themselves from small predators and birds, it is safe to let them roam free outside without supervision. You might want to supervise your kitten the first few times you take them outside for peace of mind.

Does Your Kitten Even Want To Go Outside?

You will know if your kitten wants to be an outdoor cat if they are constantly sitting by the door or window, watching what is going on in the outside world. If your kitten ever tries to escape through an open door or window, then you will be able to let them out once they are old enough to defend themselves properly to truly explore your neighborhood.

Does Your Kitten Have To Be Spayed Or Neutered Before Going Outside?

It is recommended that your kitten is spayed or neutered before roaming outside. This will help to avoid them from mating with other neighborhood cats and bringing new life into the world which you may not be able to support. New kittens being brought to an animal shelter put strain on that often-underfunded system and could result in euthanasia. As well, if your kitten has been spayed or neutered before going outside, they won’t be searching for a mate during mating season which could lead them to stray too far from home and get lost.

Does Your Kitten Need To Be Vaccinated Or Micro-Chipped Before Going Outside?

It is highly recommended that your kitten is vaccinated with the essential vaccines at least 3-4 weeks before going outside for the first time. This will ensure that your kitten does not pick up any small illness that ends up making it very sick.  As well, it is recommended that your kitten has a safety collar with a tag and your telephone number on it, or is microchipped by a veterinarian before you let them outside in case they become lost. This will help whoever finds your kitten to bring them back to you safely.

Strictly Indoor Cat Breeds:

These breeds are considered to be “strictly” indoor breeds for several reasons. One reason being that they are all quite expensive breeds and you will want to keep down any extra costs such as vet bills by protecting them from the outside world. Indoor cats are kept away from the dangers of the outside world such as disease (feline AIDS, Cat flu etc.), injury by both wild cats and cars. Also, an expensive or exotic/ rare cat will be less likely stolen if it is an indoor cat.

How To Make Sure Your Indoor Cat Still Gets Some Time Outdoors:

Breeds such as the Bengal Cat are considered to be an indoor breed but they are also quite active and adventurous. By putting a large enclosure outside containing climbing frames and toys, you will combine both safety and outdoor time.

Is your kitten/cat an indoor or outdoor cat? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your opinions.