What Toys Does My Kitten Need? The Good & Bad Options Explained

What Toys Does My Kitten Need

Your kitten sleeps for upwards of 18 hours per day, but when they are awake they have enough energy to outlast the Energizer Bunny. What kinds of toys will your kitten prefer to play with? What toys are more engaging? Which toys provide better bonding opportunities for you with your new kitten? What about toys that contain catnip? Are some toys bad for your kitten’s health or dangerous for your kitten?

What Toys Are The Most Fun For Kittens? How Can I Bond With My Kitten?

Kittens are very visually and aurally stimulated animals. This means that they love toys that are colourful as well as toys that squeak or have bells. Playing with these toys engages the kitten so they are fully focused on the toy and expending their energy playing with you.

Toys that have bells can be a lot of fun for children to play with as well. So, if your children are looking to have some fun with the kitten, these types of toys can help to keep them both entertained for hours. As well, when you play with your kitten with a toy that requires you to be active at the same time, the kitten sees you as a playmate which acts as a bonding mechanism. Therefore, these toys can help you bond with your kitten and bring you closer.

Are Toys With Catnip In Them Good For My Kitten?

Catnip is healthy for cats in moderation. All good things, for humans as well as animals, must be enjoyed in small doses rather than an overload all the time.

For kittens, enjoying catnip is genetic and not all kittens react to it. If your kitten appears to enjoy catnip, then adding a little bit to their toys each day can help to keep them more active and playful, which in turn keeps them healthier.

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What Toys Are Bad For My Kitten?

Kittens are tiny predators, so they will love toys that are peek-and-play. However, if the holes on these toys are a little too large, they will encourage your kitten to put their heads or bodies through the holes to catch the toy. In doing this, your kitten can get stuck in the toy and end up getting injured or having to go to the veterinarian to get them removed safely from the toy.

This can be traumatic for kittens, so it is best to avoid any peek-and-play toys with holes large enough for their heads to fit through.

As well, toys that have feathers, string, rope, or yarn can be dangerous to your kitten as they are easy for them to swallow. Kitten tongues with back-facing barbs on them to help them clean their fur. This means that their tongues can accidentally get pieces of feathers or yarn stuck on them, making it hard for them to cough up and could lead to choking. It is best to avoid these kinds of toys until they are older.

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