Happy Cat Month: 10 Ways To Show Your Cat You Love Them

Happy Cat Month

September is Happy Cat Month, although every month should be happy cat month, where we get to celebrate the love that we have for our cats. It’s the time that cats get to make it all about them and enjoy all the extra attention.

But what can you do with your cat to show them some extra love this time of year (or any time of year!). We’ve put together a list of ways to show your cat you love them. If you have more ideas then we would love to hear from you, just add them in the comments below.

Happy Cat Month: 10 Ways To Show Your Cat You Love Them

#1. Cat Treats

We all love extra treats from time to time and your cat is no different. There are so many different cat treats on the market that you can get for your cat to try out and most of them will not break the bank.

We recently reviewed the Dreamies Cat Treats and their treat dispenser – why not try that out and see if your cat loves it.

#2. A Fancy Dinner for 2

Why not treat your cat to some fancy cat food that you perhaps wouldn’t buy them every day as part of their normal diet. A fancy dinner for you and the cat could be just the bonding experience you both need.

Check out the cat food aisle in the supermarket or local pet store for some different options that will make your cat feel super special.

#3. Games You Can Play With Your Cat

Happy Cats

Most cats love to play games such as chasing a ball, a piece of string or a store bought toy. There are lots of ways that you can play fun games with your cat.

In our recent Podcast, we talked about how you can exercise your cat by playing different games with them. Not only do games keep your cat fit and healthy but they also develop the bond that you have with your cat. And of course, it’s fun too!

#4. Cat Cuddles

Whatever type of pet you have then cuddles are always fun. Your cat will love the attention and one on one time you will spend with them. Why not put on your favourite movie, light a fire and curl up on the sofa together.

Setting time aside each day to spend time with your cat will stop them feeling lonely and it will become something that both of you will look forward to.


#5. Cat Bed, Cat Collar, Cat Toys, Cat Scratching Posts & More

There are lots of things that you can buy for your cat from the Pet Shop that they will love. Maybe it’s time you got them a new Cat Bed that they can relax in or maybe an additional bed for another part of the house that they enjoy hanging out in.

Every cat deserves a new Cat Collar from time to time. Maybe you want them to have something that sparkles or maybe something that glows in the dark. There is definitely a cat collar there to suit every personality.

There are a lot of cat toys you can buy in the shops, although there are lots of ways you can make your own for free. For example, you could attach a piece of string or a feather to a stick and let them play with that.

Scratching posts are essential if you want to protect your furniture from sharp claws. There are lots of different options, with some great cardboard scratch pads on offer.


#6. Groom Your Cat

Happy Cat

Your cat will love being groomed. You can purchase grooming brushes at the pet store and spend some time removing all the excess hair from your cat.  Your cat will feel much better as a result of a weekly groom and your furniture will have less cat hair on it!

If you cat needs to be professionally groomed, maybe it’s long haired, then talk to your vet. They will be able to give you advice on the process. Many professional groomers will require that your cat is sedated before they groom them.


#7. Massage Your Cat

Your cat will love you if you give them a massage while they are sat on your knee. Cats love contact and attention from their humans. It’s not just dogs that like to be stroked and petted.

It can be really relaxing for both you can your cat.


#8. Take Them For A Walk

It’s not that common to see people walking their cat, but it is possible. If your cat is an indoor only cat then this is the only way they are going to get outdoor walking exercise.

A harness and lead can be purchased from your local pet store. It may take quite a bit of getting used to and it’s probably best to test it out inside the house and get your cat used to it before you take them out.


#9. Cat Nip

Cat nip is extremely popular with cats. They go wild for it! You can grow it yourself, purchase it from the pet store or it can be found inside cat toys that you purchase.

Your cat will be much more interested in a cat toy that is filled with cat nip than one that is not.

Happy Cat

#10. Tell Your Cat You Love Them

Every day I tell my pets I love them. Some people may argue that your cat cannot understand, but I like to tell them anyway!

Your pets pick up on your tone of voice and this daily expression of love is sure to be appreciated.


How Do You Show Your Cat You Love Them? Let Us Know In The Comments Below