Dublin Pet Sitter (Benefits, Services, Cost & More)

Dublin Pet Sitter

When you can’t be there for your pets it can be hard to find someone to take care of them the way you would. We don’t always have the option to ask friends or family and sometimes a boarding kennels isn’t right for our pets. This is where if you are living in Dublin then a Dublin Pet Sitter can help out. Rather than stressing every time you go away you can have a Pet Sitter on hand to make your life easier.

When Might You Use a Pet Sitter

There are a number of reasons your might decide to use a Pet Sitter to take care of your pets.

#1. Taking a Holiday

When you have a holiday planned it is not always possible to take your pets with you. This means that you need to find someone to care for them. A Pet Sitter can step in when you have a long or short holiday planned. Whether it’s just for one day or 2 weeks then we can be there.

#2. Working Late

Sometimes you get stuck working late at the office and you need someone to come and feed or walk your pets. You might also work shifts and need a helping hand from time to time.

#3. Working all Day

If you work all day then it’s likely that you will need a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker to come in during the day and let your pets out for a bathroom break or take them for a walk. Doggy Day Care can be a great option but it doesn’t always suit everyone.

#4. Feeling Under the Weather

When you are full of a cold it’s nice to know that if you don’t feel up to walking the dog then you can call on someone to help. Your Pet Sitter can call and take care of things for you while you focus on getting better.

Pet Sitter Dublin

Benefits of Hiring a Dublin Pet Sitter

#1. Convenience

A Pet Sitter is a lot more convenient that having to transport your pets to another location to be taken care of. They get to stay home and you don’t have to worry about rushing back to collect them.

You also have the added convenience of being able to book at short notice and have someone there when you need them.

#2. Peace Of Mind

When you use a Pet Sitter you are not only getting 1 to 1 care for your pets but you are also getting the added benefit of home security for your home. You know exactly where your pets are and how they are being taken care of.

#3. Personal Service

A Pet Sitter is a one to one service that is personal to your pets needs. When you complete your pet care profile and tell us what your pets need on a daily basis we can make sure that those exact wishes are carried out.

Services A Pet Sitter Offers

You might think that your Pet Sitter will just come in and put food down for your pets and walk your dog. But actually a Pet Sitter will do a lot more than that. As well as taking care of your pets a Pet Sitter also takes care of your home and the security of it.

Services for your pets

  • Feeding
  • Cleaning up accidents
  • Playtime
  • Litter changing or scooping
  • Dog Walking
  • Daily medication

Services for your home

  • Bring in post
  • Take out/bring in bins
  • Open/close blinds or curtains
  • Check doors and windows
  • Turn lights on/off

These are just some of the things that your Pet Sitter can do. When you meet them at your Meet and Greet you will be able to let them know everything that you need them to do.

Cost Of A Dublin Pet Sitter

The cost of a Pet Sitter can vary from one service provider to another depending on the type of service they offer. You can find more about the cost of Pet Sitting services in this article.

How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help?

We are able to provide Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services across the whole of Ireland. This means that you can leave your pets at home safe in the knowledge that they are being well taken care of.

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