Dog Walking: Do you have a back up plan?

Using a Dog Walker to walk your dog ? But do they have a back up plan in place in case they can’t walk your dog.

Leaving your pets in the care of a Dog Walker is a big decision. You have to be sure that it is a good match for you and your dog, and that most of all you can rely on them to carry out their dog walking tasks in a timely manner.

Imagine being at work and getting a call that your dog walker can’t make it to take your dog out?

Imagine attending an event and getting a text to say sorry something has come up and I can’t walk your dog this evening.

What do you do? All you can think of is your dog sitting at home with their paws crossed waiting to get out to the loo!

You need to know that your Dog Walker has a back up plan in the event that they cannot perform their dog walking tasks.

At Pet Sitters Ireland every client is assigned a Primary Dog Walker and a Secondary Dog Walker – so your dog will NEVER miss their walk.

We realise that emergencies come up for people, people get sick, cars break down – so it makes sense to have a back up in place that can step in and walk your dog.

The only text or call you will receive from us is to tell you that your dog has been walked.

So when choosing a Dog Walker or Dog Walking company:

  1. Make sure you ask them what their back up plan is
  2. Make sure you are happy with their back up plan.

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