Love Your Pets Radio Eps 15: Margrit Coates: Animal Healer & Communicator

Margrit Coates

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Weekly Fun Fact

Researchers say that animals, non-humans, do not have a true language like humans. However they do communicate with each other through sounds and gestures. Animals have a number of in-born qualities they use to signal their feelings, but these are not like the formed words we see in the human language.

In The Pawtime Press

Dogs targeted with poison on popular walking trail on Clare/Limerick border

Gardai have issued a poison alert to dog owners in the South East Clare, living close to the Limerick border, after poison was reportedly found in sausage meat along walking routes.

Gardai warned owners to exercise caution and keep their pets leashed.

It is believed some of the poison was encased in pieces of sausage meat,” said Sergeant Justin McCarthy, crime prevention officer at Henry Street garda station, Limerick.



Son of China’s richest man buys eight iPhone 7s – for his dog

Malamute dog belonging to Wang Sicong, son of China’s richest man, now has eight iPhone 7s to add to her collection of Apple Watches, after her owner showered her with the brand new smartphones.

Other posts on social media show her wearing a special Fendi handbag adapted for her collar, and a gift of mooncakes specially for dogs as a gift for Moon Festival earlier this month.




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This week we are featuring Henry and his instagram account henry_poochon

This picture of him with a bow tie on is adorable.


In The Spotlight: Interview with Margrit Coates: Animal Healer and Communicator

Margrit Coates is The World’s Leading Animal Healer and Renowned Animal Communicator and I was so excited to chat with her on this interview. It was an amazing interview and I could have chatted to Margrit for hours.

We talked about the work Margrit does and then answered our listeners questions.

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