How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets: Regularly Wash Pet Bedding

Think of how happy your dog – or cat or other pet – looks curled up on your bed or on her own bed. She’s so cute that you barely notice the drool making a tiny puddle on the bedding and, maybe if she’s elderly, the little piddles of urine that inadvertently drip out from time to time.

Add that to pet dander, crumbs from hidden treats, and anything else that might attach to your pet and your bedding and your pet’s bedding requires a regular washing – for your health and hers.

pet bedding

Make it a habit to wash your pets’ bedding.

Create a regular schedule to wash your pet bedding and any bedding, blankets, or pet bed covers your pet uses. In an ideal world, you will wash your pets’ bedding every week to keep it clean and fresh. However, we don’t live in an ideal world and most of us have extremely busy lives. A heavy wash every other week, therefore, should suffice if you can’t do it every week. Of course, if your pet has an accident or the bedding becomes messy or smelly before your regular wash, wash it as soon as possible.

Use pet-friendly detergent.

Some pets’ skin – just like the skin of their human counterparts – can become irritated from perfumes used in detergent. Look for a laundry detergent that is pet friendly. A scent free laundry detergent eliminates the worry for skin allergies from perfumes. Also be sure to avoid using fabric softener unless it is labeled as scent free or fragrance free.

Choose the right water temperature.

Today’s washers typically come preset with temperatures – cold water and hot water, for example – and all you have to do is decide if you want to wash the bedding in cold or in hot water (choose hot). If your washer also allows you to choose the strength of the wash (gentle, heavy, etc.), opt for the heaviest cycle possible. A heavy wash in hot water will help clean the bedding of pet dander, bacteria, and other messes.

Dry thoroughly.

Either line dry in the garden or put your pet bedding in the dryer. Make sure the bedding is completely dried before putting it back on your pet’s bed or allowing her to use it.

How often do you wash pet bedding? Does it help to keep your home cleaner?



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