Thank You For Registering Your Interest In The Nose of Tralee

The Nose of Tralee opens for entries on the 6th June 

While you are waiting here are a few of our services that might interest you:

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services

It was our own love for our pets and frustration at the lack of reliable Pet Sitters that inspired us to create our business 12 years ago.

We know what it’s like to truly love your pets and yet sometimes want or need to travel without them. Whether it’s a weekend away, a holiday or a business trip, if you’re really going to enjoy it and make it successful you have to KNOW your pets are cared for the way YOU would care for them!

Pet Life 2.0: The Second Wind Supplement for Your Precious Pet

While the days of the zoomies may be far behind you both, nothing pains us pet owners more than seeing our companions experience aches and pains as they start age before our eyes.

If you’ve been wondering how to fix your pet’s arthritis…

Let Pet Life 2.0 put a spring back in the step of your pawed companion!

Can I Have My Dog At My Wedding

Wedding Services

It’s Your Big Day!And you wouldn’t DREAM of doing it without your most beloved family members.

And that INCLUDES your pets!

But you’ll be way too busy enjoying your day with your guests to take care of them!

And you want your friends and family to be free to enjoy the festivities too.

So why not let US take care of them?