A Guide To Working From Home With Your Dog

Work From Home With Dog

Working from home is often the dream for people. The chance to get up later in the morning, work in your PJ’s and hang out with your pets. But if you have never worked from home before it can take quite a bit of adjusting to.

In this article we are going to look at ways to stop your dog from distracting you from work and also some tips for you to be the most productive you can – whilst still enjoying the freedom of a home working environment.

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Tips to Help Your Dog Get Used To You Working From Home

Your dog won’t understand that you are now working from home and have things to do. They just see you being home as an extended weekend of fun. So there are things you can do to create a good working environment for you both.

#1. Create a schedule for you and your dog

It’s important to maintain a schedule for both of you. Getting your dog into a routine will help them get used to the change to their norm. Remember they are used to napping in the day and not having anyone around – so if there is no routine they are likely going to want your attention all day long.

Dogs very quickly get used to a routine and will get to know when to expect their walks, snack breaks etc.

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#2. Start the day with a long walk

A tired dog is a relaxed dog – that is ready to nap and give you the time and space to work. If your dog is restless then it’s likely that they won’t settle and it will make it hard for you to get any work done.

If they know they have had their walk and they are getting another one at lunch they will settle much better.

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 #3. Make sure they have plenty of toys to play with

Frozen kongs can keep a dog occupied for hours. It’s definitely worth giving them interactive toys if you find they are restless while you are working.

It’s probably best to avoid squeaky toys – for your own sanity!

I do find the radio on low in the background stops my dogs from reacting (and barking) at every noise they hear. This will vary from dog to dog though.

 #4. Create a nice space for them to relax

You may have created a workspace for yourself, so it’s a good idea to make sure your dog has their own space. This might not be where their normal bed is – so you could either move their bed daily or create a new little ‘work’ area for them.

If your dog is comfy they are more likely to relax and take a nap while you make those important phone calls for work. They will also associate the space with where they go to relax while you work.

Work From Home

 #5. Keep up with any training you may have started

If you have a younger dog and have started training them it’s a good idea to continue with this training during the day.

If they are jumping up at you while you are working you may need to do some additional training with them – whatever age they are.

Often when your dog realises you are home all day they think you will play with them. Making sure to not give in to demands for attention all the time will help make the day more fun for both of you.

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 #6. Consider a dog free workspace

This might seem unusual if you are working from home, but sometimes you might need a dog free workspace if your dog is struggling to let you get on with some work.

It might be during a conference call you have or when you have a deadline to meet.

If they were normally in the kitchen when you went out to work you could place them in the kitchen while you work and then hang out at lunch and break times with them.

 #7. Hire a Dog Walker

It might seem strange to have a dog walker come to your home and walk your dog if you are working from home. But lots of dog owners find this really useful when they are working all day and have a lot of projects to get on with.

Rather than having to be up and down all day taking your dog for walks and letting them out to toilet in the garden – you can have a dog walker take care of that for you.

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 #8. Make time for cuddles and love

Working from home is likely to be an adjustment for both of you. So it could take time for you to create a new routine that works for everyone.

Sometimes a quick cuddle and some love is all your dog wants. And then you can both get to back to work (their work being sleeping!)

Tips to be as productive as possible while Working From Home

Having worked from home in several jobs and as a business owner I have learned a few tips to keep myself productive and on track.

Hopefully these might help you if you struggle to get into the groove of home working.

#1. Make a list at the start of the week of things to do

I find Sunday night is a great time to make a list of all the things you want to do for the week. Once you have your lists you can then start to prioritise and decide which days you need to do things.

Splitting your work and personal to do lists will help see what time you have and where you need to make gaps to get things done around the home.

Planning the day you are going to do things means you don’t end up with a list of things you haven’t done at the end of the week.

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#2. Create a nice work space

Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to work from the kitchen table – but where possible it’s a lot more productive to have your own workspace dedicated to working. Where you visit each day to work and then come away when you are done.

It does stop you from checking emails when you aren’t working or feeling that you are always working.

#3. Get out of the PJ’s

I love my PJ’s – but working in them isn’t productive. Getting up and showering and putting ‘real’ clothes on does make you feel more in the mood to work.

You can still be casual and comfy – just not PJ comfy.

#4. Take your normal breaks

Having a routine where you start at a certain time and take breaks and lunch at specific times really does help.

Try not to eat at your desk. Apart from the crumbs…it’s a good idea to take a break from the PC as you would if you were working in an office.

#5. Get some fresh air/exercise

This could be sitting in the garden for 30 minutes and taking in some fresh air. Or it could be a walk in the park, 20 minutes on the treadmill or an online yoga class.

Whatever works for you – that gets you out the house in the fresh air or moving in some way.

It can be really easy to sit down at the computer and not move all day – unless you purposely set time aside for moving.

#6. Stay away from household chores

It can be tempting to think … will I just put a wash on or just empty the dishwasher – but it’s important to keep these tasks to outside the working day.

Having very distinct work and personal/home lives is really important to create a good working practice.

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