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Pet Lovers Guide To Wicklow

If you are living in Wicklow and you have a pet, or are thinking of getting one, then it’s likely that you will probably need a Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Cat Sitter, Vet, Dog Trainer, Groomer, Rescue or Pet Shop at some stage.

To make your search for the perfect service provider a bit easier we’ve put together a list of Pet Resources for you.

We hope you will find it useful and if you discover other resources Pet Lovers might enjoy please let us know so we can add them.

Pet Sitters Ireland provide Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services across all of the Republic of Ireland for all types of animals. Call us 1800 303010 or 087 9898042 or Contact Us for more information.

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Wicklow Pet Sitter

Wicklow Pet Sitter
There are lots of Pet Sitters In Wicklow that will happily take care of your pets. In order to help you find the perfect match we’ve put together a list of questions you need to ask any potential Pet Sitter.

You can also learn more about hiring a Pet Sitter in Wicklow and how your pets can benefit when you travel away over on our Pet Sitting Services Section of the website.

We can’t wait to meet your pets and will happily answer any questions that you might have about our services and the way we work.

Wicklow Dog Walker

Wicklow Dog Walker

All dogs love lots of walks and they will never turn down an extra dog walk or two. Sometimes as Pet Owners we can be limited on time and need a helping hand.

It can be good to have a Dog Walker on hand for those times that maybe you are working late, travelling away, going out with friends or even feeling under the weather.

You can opt for a private dog walk or a group dog walk, and we discussed the Pros and Cons of Group Versus Solo Walks in our recent article.

If you need a Dog Walker in Wicklow then you can read more about our services by visiting our Dog Walking Services section of the website.

Wicklow Pet Shops

Wicklow Pet Shops

Whether you are looking for a special gift for your dog or supplies for their day to day care then you need to find a Pet Shop that can help you with all those.

Pet Shops In Wicklow Include:

  • Maxizoo, Bray
  • Petbliss
  • PetMaster

Wicklow Rescues

Wicklow Rescues

There are hundreds of animals in Ireland that unfortunately have ended up in rescues through no fault of their own and now need a loving home. We would urge people to consider adopting a dog before buying one and visit one of the many rescues in Wicklow.

Rescues in Wicklow

Wicklow SPCA

Ash Rescue

Aughrim Cat Rescue

If you are unsure whether rescuing is something that is right for you and your family then check out the articles below:

Why Rescues Need People To Adopt A Dog For Life

Love Your Pets Ep5: Dog Rescues In Ireland: What Can We Do To Help.

You can also learn more about different breeds of dogs in our breed articles which will help you find out which might suit your family.

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Wicklow Vets

Wicklow Vets

One of the first things that you have to do when you get a pet is find a Vet. Your pet will need vaccinations when they first arrive and it’s best to find a Vet that can care for your pet on an ongoing basis. That way they have all the medical records and health history of your pets.

Vets In Wicklow

BrayVet, Bray and Gorey
Bairbre O’Malley Veterinary Hospital, Bray
Greystones Veterinary Hospital, Greystones and Bray
Blacklion Pet Hospital, Greystones
Animal Hospital Kilcoole, Kilcoole
Wicklow Veterinary Clinic, Wicklow Town
Roundwood Veterinary Practice, Roundwood (facebook only)
Blessington Pet Hospital, Blessington
Avondale Veterinary Clinic, Arklow and Rathdrum
Adams Veterinary Clinic, Carnew

Wicklow Dog Trainers

Wicklow Dog Trainers

A happy dog is a trained dog! So training your dog is a really important part of being a dog owner. There is lots of online advice for training your dog at home, but if you need professional help then we have some Dog Trainers in Wicklow that you can check out.

Dog Trainers in Wicklow include:

Happy Irish Dogs



Wicklow Dog Friendly Hotels

Wicklow Dog Friendly Hotels

Sometimes you want to take your dog with you on holiday and it can be hard to find Dog Friendly Hotels in Ireland.

We’ve put together a guide of some of the hotels in Wicklow that allow dogs:

Tudor Lodge, Laragh, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

More coming soon…

Wicklow Dog Groomers

Wicklow Dog Groomers

For lots of dog owners a trip to the Dog Groomers is a regular occurrence, whether that’s because their dog needs regular grooming because of the type of coat they have or they like to get really dirty.

We took a look at the Best Dog Groomers in Wicklow and where you can find them.

The Beauty Pawlour

Vanity Fur, Greystones



Penny Lane Dog Groomers, Kilcoole

Canine Cuties, Kilcoole

Hound Haven, Carnew

Wicklow Catteries

Wicklow Cattery

When you have a trip planned or are going to be home late from work it can be hard to know what to do with your cat. Who will feed your cat? Who will make sure they are ok? One option that you could avail of is to use the services of a Cattery in Wicklow. This means your cat would go to the boarding facility while you are way to be taken care of.

If you would prefer your cat to stay at home you can read more about our Cat Sitting Services and below we have included a list of Catteries in Wicklow that might suit you and your cat.

Catteries in Wicklow

Wicklow Kennel’s and Cattery

Cattery Cottage

Cathy’s Cattery

If you are unsure whether a Cattery is best for your cat or whether you think they may benefit from our Cat Sitting service then we have outlined in our article the difference between Cat Sitting and a Cattery, and the different costs.

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Wicklow Dog Boarding Kennels

Wicklow Dog Boarding Kennels

If you have decided that you are going to use a Boarding Kennel for your pets then you want to make sure that you are using the best facility for your pets.

We would advice checking out a boarding kennel before you use them and look for references/reviews from people who have used them.

We discussed the difference between Kennels and Pet Sitters in our recent article, which will help you decide if a boarding kennel is the right option for you.

Boarding Kennels Wicklow

Wicklow Kennel’s and Cattery

Corncrake Kennels

Wicklow Doggy Day Care

Wicklow Doggie Day Care

Most of us have to go to work every day and if we have a dog then we need to find a suitable dog care solution that matches our dogs needs and our own lifestyle.

There are a couple of options.

  1. You can send them to Doggy Day Care
  2. You can hire a Daily Dog Walker to take them out for a walk during the day.

Choosing the best Doggy Day Care can be a challenge. There are lots of factors to consider, including whether your dog is suited to Day Care or not, so we put together a list of the best Doggy Day Care in Wicklow.

Doggy Day Care Wicklow

Happy Irish Dogs

Wicklow Pet Photographers

Wicklow Pet Photographer

As a Pet Owner you will probably agree that you can never have enough photos of your pets and often we want something a little bit special taken by a Professional Photographer.

Pet Photographers in Wicklow

Pawtrait – For more info listen to our interview with Pawtrait.ie.

Andrew Miller Photography

Wicklow Pet Friendly Places

Wicklow Pet Friendly Places

Find out the Best Places To Walk Your Dog In Wicklow

Do you have a resource that you want to add to the Pet Friendly Guide to Wicklow? Let us know via the Contact Form so we can check it out.

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