Wicklow Pet Sitter: Pet Sitting Pros, Cost, Process & More

Wicklow Pet Sitter

When we can’t be there for our pets sometimes it is a challenge to find someone to take care of them. We can’t always ask friends or family as they live too far away or are busy and very often we don’t want to use a kennel or cattery. This is where a Wicklow Pet Sitter can be invaluable to you.

You can have them take care of your pets when you go on holiday, are going to be late home from work or you just need a hand when things get busy.

What Does A Wicklow Pet Sitter Do?

A Pet Sitter takes care of your pets in your own home. They visit as many times a day as you need them to and carry out tasks such as

  • Feeding your pets
  • Taking them for a walk
  • Cleaning up after your pets
  • Changing/Scooping cat litter
  • Bringing in post
  • Putting out the bins
  • Opening/Closing Blinds

All the things that you normally do for your pets. But you also have the added security that someone is making your home look lived in if they are away for some time.

Why Hire A Pet Sitter?


Sometimes we can’t be there for our pets and that is where a Pet Sitter can make your life much easier. You can travel away at short notice, plan trips without worrying and enjoy nights out with friends without having to rush home to take care of your pets.


Peace Of Mind

I know when I go away I want to know that my house is being checked on. Whether you live out in the country or in the town we do now have to be aware of potential break ins. Using a Pet Sitter means that you have someone coming to the home to take care of your pets and at the same time they are looking after your home.

A Pet Sitter can open and close blinds/curtains, turn on lights, put out and bring in bins and generally make your home look lived in. Varied visit times and non-branded vehicles will also mean that no-one knows you are away.

Note – all Pet Sitters Ireland Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers come in plain clothing and vehicles. Only area managers have branded vehicles, which would never be parked outside your home.

1 to 1 Care

A Pet Sitter offers 1 to 1 care that will be very similar to the care you give your pets on a daily basis. We obviously can never replace the bond you have with your pets, but what we can do is follow your exact pet care routine and make things as similar as possible to how you normally take care of your pets.

Keeping your pets routine as similar as possible will help keep them settled and happy.

How Much Does A Wicklow Pet Sitter Cost?

Visit costs vary for Pet Sitting depending on the number of pets that you have. Generally speaking though a visit to your home will cost around 22 euro. During that time we will take care of your pets, feed them, walk them and play with them.

For an exact cost of care then please Contact Us for more information.

What Happens When I Want To Make A Booking

#1. Once you have decided on dates for your trip then we can put together a full and detailed quote outlining the total cost of your pet care services.

#2. When you confirm you are ready to go ahead we will ask you to complete your Pet Care Profile. This is located on our secure online portal where you can detail everything you want us to do for you while you are away. We want to know as much about your pets as you can tell us. If we don’t know you want something doing we can’t do it!

#3. We will then arrange for one of our Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers to come and meet you and your pets. At this ‘Meet and Greet’ we will get to know your pets and their routine so we fully understand everything you need us to do.

#4. Once your visits start you will receive a Pet Care Journal via email every day to let you know how your pets are. This will include photos of your pets (as we know you love looking at those!)

#5. Anytime throughout the process if you have questions you can always contact us. We will be checking on your visits daily and make sure your pets are happy and the visits are completed as per your directions.

Got Questions? Let us know? Fill in the Contact Form and we will get back to you.