Why Is A Dog’s Nose Sometimes Wet?

Why Is A Dog’s Nose Sometimes Wet

Some dogs have cold, wet noses and others have warm, moist, or dry noses. But, do you ever wonder Why Is A Dog’s Nose Sometimes Wet?

Well we decided to take a look and find out why.

Why Is A Dog’s Nose Sometimes Wet?

Scent is arguably the most important sense for dogs and their scent is often very highly effective. That’s why some breeds are used for search and rescue and as cadaver dogs. You may have even noticed that your dog comes running as soon as he smells food cooking or how he vigorously sniffs other new dogs he meets.

Many dogs have moist noses (some do have dry noses) and that moisture is simply a thin layer of mucous. A dog will smell something – a neighbour or even a new toy, for example – then lick his nose. When he licks his nose, his tongue absorbs the scent chemicals of whatever he has smelled, one reason dogs are used to search for missing individuals.

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They need to keep cool

Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do. In fact, dogs generally sweat through the mucous on their noses and from the padding on their feet. The rule of thumb generally is that the moister the dog’s nose, the more effective his ability to control his body temperature.

Are they sick?

You have probably heard the old myth that a dog who has a dry nose is sick. Vet experts have put that myth to rest: It’s simply not true. Some dogs may have drier noses simply because that’s normal for the breed or they don’t lick their noses as often as other dogs. It doesn’t mean they are sick.

A wet nose may, in fact, indicate an illness if the dog’s nose starts to become crusted around the nostrils or if there’s a lot more mucous than normal. Both may be signs of a respiratory illness and the dog should be seen by a vet immediately.

Does you dog have a wet nose? I’m sure if they do you have seen lots of nose prints on your windows from your dogs wet nose.

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