Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Why does my cat lick me
If you are a cat owner and your cat regularly licks you then you may have wondered ‘Why Does My Cat Lick Me?’. You wouldn’t be the only cat owner that has wondered this and there are many reasons why they could be doing this.
We look at some of them in this article to help you understand your cat more.

5 Reasons Your Cat Might Be Licking You.

#1. They Like The Taste Of You

It could be as simple as your cat tasting food off you that they want to sample! Sometimes if you have been cooking or eating a food that appeals to your cat they might decide to give you a quick lick.

If you have ever spilled food on yourself, you have probably seen your cat come over to you and take a sniff or even a lick. They are just being curious and if they can’t get some of the actual food then licking you is the next best thing.


#2. They Are Grooming You

Cats are obsessively clean and groom themselves constantly. They will nap, eat, groom and nap again. It’s part of their daily routine and their desire to keep themselves in tip-top shape. They will also groom their kittens and other family members.

It’s therefore not unusual for them to ‘groom’ you to fulfill their desire to keep everything clean. See this as a compliment and them showing their ultimate love for you.
Don’t worry, they don’t think you smell – it’s just in their nature to clean!


#3. Your Cat Is Lonely

Despite what some people think cats are sociable animals and they lick to bond with other animals. If they are licking you excessively then it could mean that they are lonely and need more company when you are you.

You could try:

  • Leaving the TV on
  • Getting them a companion
  • Hiring a Cat Sitter
  • Ask a friend to call in and check in on them
  • Purchase an Interactive Petcam


#4. They Are Anxious

Cats often don’t like change. So, if you have moved house, added a new child to the family, got a dog or something else that your cat might find stressful then they could be feeling anxious.

They might try to relieve that anxiousness by licking you – something that they probably feel is very comfortable and calming.

Try and keep things as normal as possible for your cat and limit stressful situations for them. If there are new additions to the family, then introduce them gradually.


#5. They Love You!

A cat would have been constantly licked clean by their mother when they were born. This then carries on as they get older as a social/bonding activity with other cats.

It’s, therefore, natural that they would do this with you – someone who they love and enjoy spending time with.
Unless you are worried about the excessiveness of their licking then I would accept it as a token of their love.

Of course, if you are concerned about your cat licking you or themselves then always talk to your vet.

Does Your Cat Lick You? Why Do You Think That Is?