Why Does My Cat Bite Me? And How Can I Stop Them?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me

If you are a cat lover you probably have experienced a cat biting you at some time or another. Cats don’t always bite aggressively and break the skin, sometimes the bite can be what is referred to as a ‘love bite’. During these incidents, you may have wondered to yourself ‘Why Does My Cat Bite Me?’ and how can I stop it?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? And How Can I Stop Them?

There Are 2 Types of Cat Bites

As mentioned, a cat bite isn’t always an aggressive bite. There are 2 types of cat bites that you need to understand. This will help you determine how your cat is feeling and how you can prevent them from biting you.

Aggressive Cat Bites are a painful bite which often leads to broken skin, bleeding and possible infection.

Cats bite aggressively when:

·         They become fearful of the situation.

·         You are playing too aggressively with them.

·         When they are playing with you like they would another cat.

Play aggression is extremely common. Cats have energy that they need to expend and are used to playing with other cats. Their rough play would not hurt a cat, but it can often lead to injury when they attack humans during play time due to our more delicate skin.

‘Love Bites’ from your cat are not aggressive at all. They are a gentle bite and can be a sign of affection. Your cat wants to be close to you and may bite you lovingly to get your attention.  This type of cat bite would never break the skin.

How Can I Stop My Cat Biting me?

There are a number of things you can do to prevent your cat from biting you during play time which will make your time with them more fun.

#1. Play with Cat Toys

If your cat is prone to biting, then it’s probably better if you use cat toys when playing with them. You can purchase lots of toys that they can pounce on and play with or you could make some toys from household items.

A feather on the end of a stick is a cheap way to interact with your cat and can be easily made yourself. You could also stuff an old sock and let them play with that.

Cat Nip can be used in the toys to help get them interested in play time if need be. However, if your cat demonstrates play aggression it’s likely that they will love playing with these toys as it meet the needs of their natural instincts.

#2. Vary Their Toys

If your cat is getting bored with their toys make sure they have lots of different things to play with. Cats love boxes and paper bags to play in.

Most cats will spend hours playing in a box, scratching it and jumping on it and eventually falling asleep in it.

#3. Scheduled Daily Play

Any animal that is bored could become destructive or aggressive, so it’s important to make sure that you take time each day to play with your cat. Taking 15 minutes morning and evening for some scheduled play time can make all the difference to their biting.

Cats are not the independent aloof animals that people portray them as. They need play time and want to spend time with their owners.

Make the activities fun and they will look forward to spending time with you.

Cat Bite Me

#4. Distract them if they are biting

If during your play time you find that your cat begins to bite you then distract them with one of their toys. If they do not stop then remove yourself from the situation and take some time out.

Your cat will eventually learn that aggressive biting means an end to the play time.

#5. Get them a play mate

Often a cat will calm down if they have an active and playful playmate. It’s often better to get a younger cat for them to play with.

I would not recommend getting a cat that was very quiet, shy or reserved as they may not get on well together.

Note: Always consider the cost of an additional pet before adding more animals to your household.

#6. Introduce Outside Play

If your cat is in an indoor cat you may find that they are bored and need more stimulation. If you can build an outdoor enclosure with lots of play activities for them you may find that they are able to expend all their excess energy playing in it.

Even if your cat isn’t indoors all the time they will still enjoy an additional play area complete with climbing frame, scratching posts and activity area.

What Should I Do If My Cat Bites Me?

If your cat bites you and draws blood, then clean the area and make sure you seek medical advice if the wound needs attention.

Continue to practice the methods for more friendly play and seek the advice of your Vet if the behaviour continues.

Remember that your cat is not doing this to hurt you and shouting at them or becoming annoyed with them will not help resolve the situation.

Does your cat bite you and what do you do about it?