Why Do Dogs Bury Bones, Food & Other Things?

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones

Do Dogs Bury Bones?

Dogs love to bury things – their toys, your toys, their food, your food, and their dog bones. You name it, an enthusiastic dog with the opportunity will attempt to bury it.

Dogs don’t bury bones, or other treasures, to infuriate you. They do it for a number of reasons that we will discuss in this article

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Why Do Dogs Bury Bones And Other Things?

#1. It’s a natural instinct for a dog to bury their bones

Before dogs became man’s best friend, their ancestors were wild dogs. And, out of necessity, wild dogs had to bury their food in secure places so they would have food stored for another time. Those wild dogs, however, were usually burying the remains of their prey to eat later.

You may notice that your dog likes to bury his toys or bones in the back garden. And, some dogs will even “bury” their toys, bones, and other items under blankets, laundry, or even in plain sight on the carpet. Dogs often like to hoard their food, a natural instinct to avoid starvation.

#2. Your dog is tired of their bone and wants to keep it safe

Have you found a hidden treasure of your dog’s favourite treats in the back garden or stashed somewhere in the house? It’s not uncommon that dogs do this to save something for later.

When my dog Coco has had enough of something she will hide it somewhere to keep it ‘safe’ for later. 

She will then retrieve it when she is ready to get back to enjoying it again.

#3. Your dog is having fun.

In addition to being a natural instinct to bury items, burying whatever he finds can be a great source of entertainment for your beloved pooch. But, before you let your dog go crazy burying his things – and yours – be sure that your most treasured items are out of reach. 

You don’t want them burying your favourite things!

#4. Your dog is anxious

If your dog is feeling anxious he may be restless and find the actions of digging calm him down. 

You often see this when dogs are new to your home and perhaps need time to settle in and get used to their new environment.

I know when my dog Joey arrived with us (he is a rescue) he was a bit anxious and spent time digging into his bedding. He was also very food focused and would hide food. Once he knew his things were safe he settled down.

If you do have concerns about your dog’s anxiety always consult a vet.

Why do dogs bury food

Why do dogs hide their bones in the house?

There are lots of great hiding spots in the house for your dog to hide things. Their bed is usually one of their favourite spots, but they also might hide things in your bedding, clothes – basically anything you leave out that looks like a good hiding spot.

Ever found half a dog treat in the laundry? That’s why! Your dog was saving it for later!!

Why do dogs bury treats and food?

It could be a signal that you have given your dog plenty of treats, so he has decided to hide some for when he becomes hungry again. You can deter your dog from hiding treats and other food by limiting the amount of treats you give him.

And, if you notice your dog burying treats in the garden, keep a careful eye on him to ensure he doesn’t bury any food. Food stored in the ground can become rotten quickly and could cause your dog to become ill whenever he digs it back up and attempts to eat it.

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Which dog breeds bury bones?

In my experience most dogs like to bury things, whether that be in the home under their bedding or in a big hole in the garden.

You may have experienced it with your own dog?

There are however some dogs that would be more prone to burying things or just digging holes in the garden in general.

These would be dogs like Dachshunds, Beagles, Terriers and Basset Hounds. 

How do I stop my dog from hiding bones?

It might be that it’s just something your dog loves to do and there really isn’t much harm in what they are doing – unless you feel there is some underlying health issue. In which case you should contact your vet.

The following may distract them from hiding bones:

  • Lots of walks, play and exercise
  • Different toys to play with – rotating between their different interactive toys can be a great way to stop them from getting bored.
  • Picking up things they can hide their bones under – like blankets, laundry etc.
  • Limiting treats/bones. One thing I do is when they look like they are bored is lift the bones up and safe them for another time.

Does your dog love to hide their bone or treats? Let us know in the comments below

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