Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Imagine a cat who willingly climbs into the sink, turns on the tap, and enjoys the water falling down on her. Or, a cat who will happily jump in the pool or a pond or any body of water, just to feel the coolness of the water.

Yes, some cats do love water. In fact, some breeds – like the Turkish van – are known for their affinity for water. Turkish vans, for example, originate from Turkey, a warmer climate, and have earned the distinction of being the swimming breed.

But, not all cats are like the Turkish van.  Some cats hate water. Here’s why:

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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

#1. Fur becomes waterlogged.

Have you ever seen a cat become completely soaked? A cat with soaking wet fur risks drowning because she cannot float when her fur is so waterlogged.

As a result, if your cat has been sopping wet then she’s experienced that feeling of being bogged down, making it frighteningly difficult to get out of the water.

#2. Water may have been used as a deterrent.

Water is often used as a deterrent to keep cats from exhibiting undesirable behaviour.

For example, a cat may enjoy jumping on the kitchen table – while their owners are eating dinner.

Some pet parents keep a spray bottle handy and would simply spray their cat with the water when the cat jumps on the table at dinnertime. So, some cats just associate water with something negative because they just don’t like being sprayed.

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#3. It just smells different.

A cat’s nose is one of her most valuable assets. Some animal and veterinary experts assert that cats do not like tap water in the house, which is used for taking baths, because it contains foreign chemicals whereas water from rivers, lakes, and other sources is pure.

The cats, these experts claim, do not like the foreign scent of the chemicals and thus these cats hate water.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Afraid Of Water?

#1. Make it fun

You can make water less traumatic for your cat if you make it fun. Start introducing your cat to the water from the day she arrives home with you.

Show her the water coming out of the tap and let her explore the water at her own pace.

#2. Don’t worry about it

Fortunately, you do not have to worry if your cat hates the water. She doesn’t need it to keep herself clean. Cats often religiously clean themselves with their tongues and their paws, which leaves them looking and smelling clean.

Does your cat hate water? Let us know in the comments

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