Why Do Cats Drool? Common Causes and Solutions

Why Do Cats DroolWe have all experienced a pool of drool on us when we are showing our cat some affection. Most of the time your cat is drooling because they are happy and content. They are enjoying spending time with you and just can’t help themselves. But why do cats drool?

Another theory that Cat Health suggests is that they are thinking back to times when they are kittens.

“Kittens knead their mother’s abdomen just prior to and sometimes while nursing. This stimulates milk let-down. It may be that the drooling is a leftover remembrance of nursing. The kitten, when kneading the mother, may have begun drooling in anticipation of a lovely milk meal. Feelings of calmness, relaxation, and happiness would have accompanied nursing. It may be that, as adults, some cats associate happy feelings with the long-ago experience of nursing and begin to knead and drool.”

Other Not So Good Reasons Your Cat Might Be Drooling


If your cat has been subjected to too much heat they may suffer from heatstroke. It’s important that they have access to fresh water.

Tooth Decay

If your cat is suffering from a build-up of tartar then it can rub on their mouth causing them to drool. Make sure you regularly check your cat’s teeth to see if they are brown, have a tarter build up or look swollen.

You may need a professional cleaning to get the problem under control and after that, you can keep on top of it with regular brushing at home.

Swallowed an Object

If your cat has something stuck in their throat, such as a piece of string or piece of a toy, then it can cause them to drool. Make sure you check that they can swallow properly and nothing is trapped in their throat.

If you are concerned your cat might have ingested something then always consult your vet who will be able to do a proper examination.


If your cat is placed in a stressful situation, such as a trip in the car or vets, then this can lead to panting which causes drooling.

Always try to make things less stressful for your cat. If they don’t like traveling in the car then limit the trips that you make them take.

Respiratory Issues

Your cat could be suffering from a nose or throat infection and may need treatment from a vet. This is something you would need to get a diagnosis from your vet.

Poisonous plants

Certain flowers and plants can make your cats drool, which means it is best to avoid these in your home or garden.

Flowers and plants include:

• Amaryllis
• Autumn Crocus
• Azaleas and Rhododendrons
• Castor Bean
• Chrysanthemum
• Cyclamen
• English Ivy
• Kalanchoe
• Lilies
• Marijuana
• Oleander
• Peace Lily
• Pothos
• Sago Palm
• Spanish thyme
• Tulip and Narcissus bulbs
• Yew (Taxus sp.)

Object in Their Eye

Sometimes your cat will drool to allow them to wash their eye. They may have something in their eye that they are trying to remove and are using the drool to wipe it away.

It might not be anything serious, but if they persist then always get your vet to check for you.
Most of the time your cat is probably just drooling because they love you but if you are unsure then please check with your vet. It’s always worth a quick trip to the vet to be better safe than sorry.

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