Why Cats Are Asking Not To Be Taken To A Cattery!

There are a few options for your cat when you decide to travel away from home. You can place your cat in a cattery or you can ask a Pet Sitter or friend to come in and feed them. We have already talked about how it’s not always best to ask a friend or family member in our recent article.

So why does your Cat want you to use a  Cat Sitter when you travel away from home.

1. Cats like familiar environments.

I know our cats love their own bed, they love their space and their favourite spot where they lie in the sun. They have their own places for hanging out and they don’t like to be moved from these. At the cattery nothing will be familiar to them. There normal place for doing their ‘business’ will now be replaced with a litter tray – that’s probably not what they are used to!!

2. Cats like routine.

Our cat is a creature of habit. He sleeps all day in the window in the porch in his lovely warm bed. He has his food at the same time every day when they dogs are being fed and then he goes out hunting all night – looking for that perfect pressie for us! At a Cattery he’ll be stuck in the same place all day – getting less exercise than normal and becoming very lethargic.

3. Cats are territorial

I know our cat doesn’t like other cats coming into his garden. So it must be very strange for them to be moved to a facility with lots of other cats so close to them – in their space!. If they are at home, getting regular visits, then nothing really changes for them – they are still in their own kingdom.

There are of course many other reason to use a Cat Sitter – such as the security of having someone come into your home.

It is also a lot more interactive for you cat if you have a Cat Sitter that can play games with your cat.



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