When VIP Dogs Go Rogue: What’s The Worst Thing Your Dog Did?

What's The Worst Thing Your Dog Did?
As a child were you always well behaved? Did you do everything your mum told you to?

I’m sure at the time we all thought we were the best kids ever and could do no wrong! But I’m sure at some time our halo slipped and we went rogue!

I feel that’s a bit like my dog sometimes. They are an angel sleeping and looking cute, and then they eat a pair of my favourite shoes or steal my sandwich when I answer my phone!

But are all dogs the same? Do they all have moments of madness when they forget their well taught manners and go rogue?

We asked a few Very Important Dogs what their naughtiest moment has been to date.

Coileán – Owner Rosemary MacCabe

Rosemary is a journalist, stylist and social influencer. When she’s not writing she can be found chatting on Social Media. Her snapchat account regularly features a chat with Coileán, where we get to find out what she’s been up to.

Find Rosemary and Coileán on Twitter @rosemarymaccabe


What happens when Coileán goes rogue?

Okay, so hands down the boldest thing Coileán does? Chewing. If left to her own devices, she’ll help herself to OUR devices – laptop leads, phone chargers and then, if she’s feeling especially mischievous, euro notes. Woe betide you if you leave anything within snout’s reach of her! I think the most she’s destroyed was a €20 note, but due to the fact that she could just swallow them, I guess I’ll never be sure…! Oh, and post? It’s gone before it hits the mat.


Jack – Owned by Tara Flynn

Tara is an actress, comedian, and writer. When she’s not telling a joke or writing, she’s out with her dog Jack who is a very special member of the family. A regular judge for the Nose Of Tralee means she knows what it takes to be a pawtastic pet!

Find Tara and Jack on Twitter @taraflynn


What happens when Jack goes rogue?

Jack is a very willful spirit and at one year old now, with giant paws and strength to match, he’s forever being bold and making us laugh. He makes a frustrated “Urf” when we tell him off and it’s hard to stay mad at him for even a few seconds. He and the cat team up to destroy things: she’ll bat a pen off the desk and watch with glee while he demolishes it. We’re forever picking up debris. The worst and scariest moment ever with him was the time I tethered him to a café table at the end of a long walk while I ran in to grab a takeaway coffee. There were plate glass windows so I could see him at all times. I hadn’t even reached the counter when he took off, taking the whole cast iron table with him. I watched in horror as he bolted for two parked cars – I was sure they were going to be dented and, once I knew Jack was safe, I’d be spending the afternoon exchanging insurance details. But I must have done something good in a past life: the table wedged on the tyres of the two cars, stopping Superpuppy in his tracks without touching either car. He was safe, the cars were safe and so was my bank balance. I have nightmares about it still and needless to say, I don’t stop for coffee on the walk anymore.


Dexter (2016 Nose Of Tralee) – Owned by Megan Tierney

Dexter is the 2016 Nose Of Tralee and Meath Nose of Tralee. A lover of travelling, having recently visited France, Dexter enjoys the fine things in life and is adapting to his celebrity status very well.


What happens when Dexter goes rogue?

Dexters naughtiest/most mischievous thing he has ever done definitely has to be when he stole the lovely pork roast for dinner!! My mam had cooked the pork early that day and left it covered on the counter. Needless to say devious Dexter decided to relocate it to his belly! Nobody knew where it went as the plate and tin foil where still on the counter, but when we looked outside and seen Dexter with all 4 paws in the air looking like a couch potato we soon knew where it went!!


Lou – Owned by Lorna Sixsmith

Lorna can usually be found either writing a book, teaching a social media class or chasing cows around her farm. As a judge for the Nose Of Tralee she knows what it takes to pick the winning dog!

Find Lorna and Lou on Twitter @lornasixsmith


What happens when Lou goes rogue?

Like all pups, Lou has chewed plastic pots, stolen wellie boots and we even found one of our back door keys in the garden. It must have fallen in the back hall and she nabbed it and took it off for a chew.

At only eight months old, she’s already showing flair for being a good cattle dog. She loves bringing in the cows to be milked. That’s her favourite job of all and she will run across the field in a sweeping motion, to and fro, a couple of hundred yards at a time sometimes, urging the cows to move on and joyful that she’s the boss and can tell these big animals what to do.

The cows come in to be milked around 6:30 am and again approximately twelve hours later. However, it took her a little while to learn how to tell the time. Once, when Brian was indoors having dinner around 4pm, he went out and she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Both dogs normally take a rest outside the back door while he’s in having dinner. She knew where the cows were and decided to run off and make a head start on the evening’s work. Luckily Brian got to her before she had been too successful in rounding them up. It was so early the cows stared at her and must have said “You’ve got to be joking” so she got more than she bargained for as they dug their heels in and refused to move. She’s done it once more since but hopefully she now knows how to tell the time and has grown out of that stage!


Puggly – Owned by Val Robus

Val Robus is a photoblogger based in Sligo.  You will usually find her behind a camera or a computer somewhere – or eating cake!

Find Val and Puggly on Twitter @magnumlady


What happens when Puggly goes rogue?

Puggly is hilarious and quite bold too. He will eat everything he can and recently while we were eating dinner he pulled a plate full of naan bread off the table and ate the lot! He’s also been known to hop onto the table whenever our backs are turned and has a liking for my daughter’s vegan food.

What’s the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done? Let us know in the comments below.