What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

You call your beloved pooch. Instead of him coming running, his tail eagerly wagging, you are greeted with silence. You call again. Silence.

Nothing is quite as terrifying for pet parents than when their dog goes missing. You can recover your dog if you immediately take action, including by taking the five steps below:

What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

Canvas your neighbourhood.

Before you do anything else, do a quick search of your immediate area for your dog just to make sure he hasn’t decided to take a nap in your neighbour’s garden or he hasn’t gotten lost in the woods.

Contact local animal shelters.

If after you’ve done a quick search, your dog hasn’t turned up, call all of the animal shelters within at least 60 miles from your home. Dogs travel quickly and a lost dog can end up as many as 60 miles from home and sometimes more. Provide the shelter with a description of your dog and where he was last seen and, if possible, email a picture or take a picture of your dog to the shelter so he can quickly be identified if he is brought in.

Engage your neighbours’ help.

Go to your neighbour’s homes and ask if they’ve seen your dog. Explain that your dog is missing and ask that they tell others your dog is missing. Make sure your neighbours have your phone number, so they can give it to anyone who may have seen your dog.

Hang signs up throughout your neighbourhood.

A sign can be a powerful tool in helping you quickly recover your missing dog. An effective sign should include a recent photograph of your dog and any distinguishing features such as the colour of your dog’s collar, in addition to your dog’s name, your name, and your contact information.

Post on social media.

Social media has become a powerful way to spread a message that millions of people can see in an instant. Make use of social media in the search for your missing dog. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and other social forums, asking others if they’ve seen your dog. Include a photograph of your dog and your contact information.

A missing dog can result in a lot of stress for your family and for your pup. However, recovery can often happen quickly if you are proactive from the minute you realize your dog is missing.



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