What Is Catnip And Why Do Cats Love It?

What Is Catnip And Why Do Cats Love It

If you are a cat owner you are probably always buying cat toys and treats for them. One thing that a lot of cat toys include is Catnip, but What Is Catnip And Why Do Cats Love It?

Catnip is the common name for Nepeta Cataria, a perennial herb and a member of the Mint family. It is originally native to Europe and Asia but is imported into many countries including the United States and Canada.

What Is Catnip And Why Do Cats Love It?

What Is Catnip Used For?

Catnip can often help a nervous cat relax, which can be useful if you are transporting your cat. On the other hand, your cat may become extremely playful after they have had catnip.

If your cat sniffs the catnip then they will become active and playful, however, if they eat it they will likely take a nap!

The main use for Catnip, for commercial purposes, is to entice cats to play with their toys. A lot of the cat toys you purchase will have catnip in them as cats are more attracted to these toys.

Does Catnip Get Cats High?

Catnip contains a mild hallucinogen called nepetalactone which causes cats to get “high”.

When cats are exposed to catnip, they will usually rub against it, sniff it, lick and then eat it. It is the sniffing process that prompts the state of “intoxication”. Once this is done, changes in behaviour are seen.

The most common signs include a drunken sort of appearance, rolling on the floor in a state of euphoria and loud vocalisations, but this can vary for every cat. The effects usually last for a couple of minutes. Some believe that it has the same result as LSD or marijuana in humans.

Is Catnip Bad For Cats?

Catnip cannot harm your cat as it’s completely safe, non-addictive and they won’t overdose on it. Roughly 50% of felines react to it but very young kittens and older cats are less likely to be stimulated by it. It serves no real purpose other than a treat for your cat and a few minutes of amusement for you.

Where Can I Buy Catnip?

You can purchase toys with catnip in your local pet store. They may also sell packets of catnip. You can also purchase catnip seeds and grow your own at home.

Catnip Effects On Cats Versus Humans

The effect that catnip has on cats is not the same as those humans experience. In fact, humans can experience headaches and vomiting from catnip.

It’s therefore not recommended that you try catnip.

If you have given your cat catnip before, what was their reaction to it? Let us know!



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  1. Peppermint tea has the same effect on my 2 year old cat, she got hold of a box of teabags and had them all over the kitchen counter and was rolling around in them.

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