Love Your Pets Radio Eps 18: What Is A Pet Sitter?

What Is A Pet Sitter

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Weekly Fun Fact

The reason dogs curl up is because of an age-old instinct to keep themselves warm and to protect vital organs while they sleep.


In The Pawtime Press

Bag For Your Dog To Poop In

This Kickstarter Campaign means you no longer need to pick up your dogs poop. Instead attach a bag to their tail and they can go poop any time they want.

According to the makers, the Piqapoo fits dogs of all sizes, and won’t cause them any pain or discomfort.

Any we have the weird video they made to show you!


Woman Takes the Wrong Dog Home from Doggie Day Care

I can’t imagine how you would take the wrong dog home but this woman did!


Pawsome Pet Shoutout

We are featuring the Dexter the 2016 Nose Of Tralee Winner.

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Dexter Nose Of Tralee 2016

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In The Spotlight: What Is A Pet Sitter?

This week I’m going to talk about What Is A Pet Sitter and when and why you might use one.

A Pet Sitter is a pet care professional who comes into your home as many times a day as you need to take care of your pets.

Much like you might ask your friends or family to come in and feed your cat or take your dog for a walk while you are away a Pet Sitter also provides this service.

The difference between a Pet Sitter and your friend is that the Pet Sitter is doing this as their job. They are providing a professional service and are focused on following and maintaining your pet’s normal routine.

So, if you pets normally get fed at 10am and 6pm then this is what your pet sitter will do for you.

What Happens when you use a pet Sitter?

When you make an enquiry to use the services of a Pet Sitter the first thing they will do is ask you about your pets and their routine. They will then help you come up with a schedule of visit that suit you and your pets.

The next step is to meet your Pet Sitter at the free meet and greet. This is a good chance for you to see if the Pet Sitter is a good match. That you like them and feel they can take care of your pets and that your pets like them.

In order for you to relax and enjoy your holiday, you need to be sure that you are 100% comfortable with the Pet Sitter. If you are not, then you can always contact us to arrange for one of our other Pet Sitters to call.

Once you are ready to travel your visits will commence. Remember office staff will be checking to make sure every visit is carried out to your requirements and on time so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

After every visit your Pet Sitter will send you an email with photos of your pets and notes about what was carried out during the visit.

Why Use a Pet Sitter?

A Pet Sitter does a lot more than just take care of your pets, although this is their primary role. They will feed your pets, clean/scoop litter, take your dog for a walk, throw a ball for them, play with them or just sit with them if that’s what you want.

A Pet Sitter will also carry out additional tasks to make your home looks lived in while you are away.

  • Take out the bins
  • Open and close blinds/curtains
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Bring in the post
  • Water plants
  • Carry out home security checks


What Are The Benefits Of A Pet Sitter To Your Pets?

One of the main benefits is that your pets get to stay at home in their normal surroundings and there is no disruption to their normal routine. They get the same food, go for the same walks and sleep in the same bed as they normally do.

It’s also a loss less hassle and stress for you. You don’t need to ask a friend or family member and there is no worrying about drop off and collection times that boarding kennels often enforce. When you come home your pets are happy and waiting for you.

As mentioned before a Pet Sitter will do a lot to keep your home safe. The additional home safety checks will make sure your home looks lived in and this is a great benefit to the service.


What To Look For In A Pet Sitter?

It’s important that your Pet Sitter is an animal lover. It might seem obvious that they would be but you should make sure that they interact well with your dog.

They should be a Professional Pet Sitter. This means that they are taking their business seriously and are committed to it 24/7. You want to make sure that they are going to be available to meet all your needs.

They have Insurance. If something happens to your pet’s then you want to know that the company is insured. You also want to make sure that the person is insured if they injur themselves on your property.

They have a Backup Plan. If you are leaving your pets in the care of an individual, then you need to be sure that if something happens to them then they have a backup. If you are halfway across the world and your Pet Sitter gets sick you want to know that someone else will be aware of the visits taking place and that they will step in and take care of your pets.


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