What Does A Pet Sitter Charge?: The Cost Of Pet Sitting

Pet Sitter Cost

A professional pet sitter doesn’t just close her eyes, blindly plug random numbers on the calculator, open her eyes, and voila! she’s set her professional pet sitting rates.

On the contrary. A professional pet sitter takes all of her operating costs into consideration, including what’s fair to the client, when setting her rates.

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What Does A Pet Sitter Charge?

The cost of pet sitting includes more than watching pets. In fact, a number of factors go into determining what your pet sitter will charge.

#1. Pet Sitting Business Insurance

A professional pet sitter – with emphasis on the word professional – will hold sufficient insurance to protect you, your pets, and herself and the people that work with her in the event of an accident or injury. If a pet sitter doesn’t have insurance, start looking for someone else. Don’t forget to ask a professional pet sitter to verify she has insurance so you don’t get caught with no insurance for your visits.

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#2. The Number of Pets

One factor that may result in a fluctuating total pet sitting rate for clients is how many pets you have: Do you have one pet? Multiple pets? If you have multiple pets, you will likely have to pay an additional fee per pet in addition to the base fee for the first pet. After all, a pet sitter must spend more time at a home with multiple pets.

It’s important that adequate time is put aside for your pets – so make sure that you are getting a long enough for visit for walks, play, clean up and any home tasks that need doing – like turning lights on and off.

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#3. Cost of Travel

Getting from appointment to appointment requires a professional pet sitter to have reliable transportation, particularly a working vehicle, which will require upkeep, maintenance, and petrol. Without a reliable vehicle and petrol, a pet sitter cannot properly do her job providing high quality care and love to pets.

If you are living outside of the main town then you may find that you need to pay an additional travel charge. Not only does this cover fuel costs but also the additional time of getting to your location. You don’t want this travel time to eat into your visit time and your pets not get an adequate visit.

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#4. Pet Care Business systems

You expect your pet sitter to show up for every visit you have scheduled and to provide your pet with unbeatable care. To ensure your pet receives each visit, a professional pet sitting business uses business systems, such as a scheduling system, an accounting system, and so on. The systems a professional pet sitter uses helps ensure your pets get the highest level of care.

It also mean you have the convenience of booking and paying online for your services.

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#5. Ongoing Education

Technology changes. Veterinary techniques, such as in CPR, evolve. The pet sitting industry grows and advances every year. A professional pet sitter stays informed of what’s happening in the industry and – when beneficial – may invest in ongoing education to ensure your pets receive top quality care.

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How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help You?

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