Fun Dog Friendly Summer Activities In Ireland

Fun Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Dog In Ireland

When the warmer weather starts to appear we all look forward to getting out and about more. There is so much more to do in Ireland when the sun is shining. And what better way to spend those sunny days than outside with your dog.

It’s great to see Ireland becoming more Dog Friendly with lots of places they are welcomed with open arms. So lets take a look at some of the things you can do with your dog this summer.

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Fun Dog Friendly Summer Activities In Ireland

#1. Visit The Beach

Dogs are natural swimmers and swimming provides a fun way to cool down and enjoy a warm summer day. When you take your dog swimming, be sure to introduce him to the water slowly, if it’s his first time. Go in the water with him and show him how to get out of the pool or how to get back to the shore, if you are at a beach. Most importantly, always supervise your dog when he is in the water.

#2. Take A Hike

Head to the woods, the mountains, or your local park with your dog and go for a hike. A hike offers you and your dog the ideal opportunity to explore nature and to take a leisurely walk. Don’t forget to take water for both you and for your dog. You can even purchase a travel water bowl that easily collapses and opens, so your dog can safely drink from his own bowl.

Hiking In Ireland

#3. Visit The Dog Park

Dog parks don’t suit all dogs – but for those dogs that love the interaction with other dogs it can be the perfect place to hang out on a summers day.

If you are heading to the dog park then make sure you take water with you as some places don’t have a water supply at the dog park.

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#4. Head To A Dog Friendly Cafe

Coffee, cake and your best friend with you – what more could you ask for than a trip to a Dog Friendly Cafe.

Ireland is starting to welcome dogs into a lot of their cafes and we couldn’t be more happy with the chance to sit in the sun with our dogs.

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#5. Take A Break At A Dog Friendly Hotel

Maybe you want to take your dog away on their own little holiday this year. Well now you can as Ireland opens up lots of their hotels to dogs.

It is best to check with the hotel ahead of time what their restrictions are with regards to size of dog they allow, what parts of the hotel your dog will be allowed in and if they can sleep in your bed with you!

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Camping In Ireland

#6. Go Camping

Celebrate summer by lying under the stars, telling tall tales, and petting your pooch. Camping is a fun way to enjoy summer and to spend time with your dog, but keep a few things in mind to make your time both fun and safe.

  • Bring sufficient food and treats for your dog so you don’t run out of things.
  • Provide your dog with fresh water from home, if there isn’t running water at your campsite.
  • Keep a close watch on your dog. If you cannot have him next to you, make sure he is somewhere safe, such as in a carrier or a pen.
  • Never leave your dog alone in a car, no matter what time of the year.

#7. Head To A Glamping Site

If you fancy something a bit more luxurious then glamping can be a great alternative to camping. There are lots of amazing options around Ireland and many are Dog Friendly.

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Summer provides the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family. And including your dog is simple, if you remain flexible and relaxed.

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