Wexford Pet Sitter: Pet Sitting Pros, Cons, Cost and More

Wexford Pet Sitter

We gets lots of calls from pet owners in Wexford looking for someone to take care of their pets while they travel away. Maybe they don’t have family or friends nearby or they would just prefer to use the services of a Wexford Pet Sitter.

We know exactly how they feel when it comes to wanting the best care for their pets. They want someone who can manage their pets current routine, can keep their home safe and can let them know after every visit that their pets are ok.

In this article we explain what exactly a Pet Sitter in Wexford does and how they can take care of your pets, the pros and cons of using a Pet Sitter and how much a Wexford Pet Sitter will cost you.


How Will A Wexford Pet Sitter Take Care Of Your Pets?

The role of a Pet Sitter is to come into your home as many times a day as you need to feed, walk, play and clean up after your pets. Much like you would do yourself a Pet Sitter is there to make sure your pets are happy while you are away.

A Pet Sitter will also carry out a number of other tasks such as:

  • Watering Plants
  • Opening and closing curtains and blinds (to make your home look lived in)
  • Turning lights on and off
  • Bring in post from the door step
  • Putting out/bringing in the bins
  • Cleaning up any pet accidents
  • General home security checks

Also each day after every visit you will receive an email from us with notes about what we did for your pet and pictures of your pets either at home or out playing. If you need to ask questions about your pets you can also call us any time on Freephone 1800 30 30 10.


Pros Of Using A Pet Sitter In Wexford

Happy Pets Stay At Home

If your pets are anything like mine then they love snoozing on the sofa and sleeping on the bed. When you hire a Pet Sitter your pets can still do that if you want them to. Nothing about their routine needs to change, we can maintain it exactly as you do.

If your dog gets fed at 6am then no problem we can be there to feed them. If they like a walk at 11.55am then that’s great too we can be there for that.

Less Hassle and More Convenient

Wexford Pet Sitter

No more rushing back from a night out, weekend away or trip abroad to collect your pets. When you use a Pet Sitter your pets will be at home waiting for you. Running late? No problem we can do an extra visit if you need us to.

When you use the services of a Pet Sitter your life should be a lot easier and less stressful. Once you have signed up with us and met with one of our Pet Sitters then it is our job to be there when you and your pets need us.

More Security For Your Home

When you decide to use a Pet Sitter you are also getting free home security checks. Every time your Pet Sitter comes to your home they can check to make sure everything is secure, they can turns lights on/off, open/close curtains and blinds and generally just make things look lived in.

Also, if there was a leak or any damage to the property while you were away they can let you know and deal with that too.

Back Up and Support

If you are using our services there will always be a Pet Sitter available for you. We know that things happen and if your Pet Sitter gets sick you want to know that someone is there to take care of things for you.

When you use our services you get assigned a primary and a secondary Pet Sitter so that there is always a back up. We would never miss a visit.

Cons Of Using A Pet Sitter In Wexford

Pet Sitter Calls To Your Home

Some people just don’t feel comfortable having a stranger in their home. But what we do at Pet Sitters Ireland is we let you decide on the person who takes care of your pets.

We know that all our Pet Sitters are amazing, they love pets and they enjoy taking care of them. But if one of them comes to meet you at the Meet and Greet and you are not sure about them then feel free to contact our offices and let us know and we will happily send out another Pet Sitter to meet with you.

The most important thing to us is that you and your pets are happy.

Price Of A Pet Sitter

If you only have one pet then sometimes a cheaper option can be a boarding kennels or a friend/family member. There is obviously a huge difference in the service, however if cost is your deciding factor then a friend might do it for free for you.

You can get a quote for Pet Sitting services from us by filling in the Contact Form or calling us on Freephone 1800 30 30 10.

Cost of Using A Pet Sitter In Wexford

The cost of hiring a Pet Sitter in Wexford will vary depending on the level of service being offered and the type of service provider you are dealing with.

You should expect to pay anything from 20 euro a visit, depending on the service you require, the length of time you need someone and the number of pets that you have.


To find out more about the exact cost then please get in touch with us via our Contact Form or via the Freephone number 1800 30 30 10 where we will happily chat with you more about your options.