Vets In Cork: The Cork Cat Hospital


As part of our series on vets in Cork, we interviewed The Cork Cat Hospital about the service they can offer you and your cat. This sounds like a ‘Catastic’ vet – so if you don’t have a vet for your cat then it might be worth popping in to meet with them and seeing if it is a good match for you and your cat.

Cat Hospital

1. Tell us the name of your vets, where you are located and how potential customers can contact you.

We are The Cat Hospital, and we are located on Barnavara Hill, Glanmire, Cork.

We are contactable by phone on 021-4824601.

By email on or on Facebook.

Alternatively, just pop in for a chat.

2. Tell us about your facility and what services you offer?   

The Cat Hospital, Cork, is Ireland’s first (and only) purpose built veterinary hospital designed exclusively for cats and their owners. Cats, as we are sure you know, are very easily stressed by a trip to the vet. There are a few reasons for this. The presence and smell of other animals, especially dogs, can really upset a cat. In a cat’s mind they are the prey, and dogs are the predator. The Cat Hospital is a DOG FREE ZONE. We love all animals, but we feel cats should have their own hospital with as little stress as possible.

We provide ALL your cat’s health needs, from kittens to geriatrics. Along with the general veterinary services , we also do FREE nurse clinics for some things such as:nail trims, some grooming, weight checks, and administration of flea and worm treatments.

3. Tell us about your amazing staff? Why will our pets LOVE them?

The majority of the time we have just 1 vet and 1 nurse, Clare and Aoibhinn. We are cat mad, and dedicate all of our time and energy into making our feline patients as happy and comfortable as possible. We know how to THINK CAT, and also have plenty of cuddles and catnip to go around.

4. What makes you different to other vets in your area?   

Being a feline only practice, we have a lot that makes us stand out from other vets in the area, and in the country. Cats are much happier in our hospital, compared to what we have seen in working in other veterinary hospitals over the years ourselves. Partly due to being cat only, but even without the presence of other species of animal, the unfamiliar surroundings and people at the Vet can still make cats uneasy. We try our utmost here to create a calm, safe environment for our patients. Everything from our trained cat-loving staff, to our special calming pheromone diffusers which are dotted throughout the hospital. We also strive to have as little time as possible waiting to see the Vet once you and your cat arrive.

If your cat needs to stay with us for a time, be it for a few hours, or for a longer period if he or she is ill, our individual custom built hospital units ease the stress of the situation. In the units there are four separate compartments: a toileting area, a sleeping area, an eating area and a little shelf where our feline friends love to perch and watch the world passing by.

5. How do you make your clients tails wag like crazy?     

All of the above really. Cat owners are amazing, and will stop at nothing to ensure that all of their kitty’s needs are met. We not only have a hospital that is feline friendly, but also we have so much information to give to cat owners which we just love to share.

Nora, post-spay surgery, at The Cork Cat Hospital

6. Do you have any fancy awards that you want to tell us about?     

We are practice members of the International Society of Feline Medicine, and have achieved GOLD standard in the Cat Friendly hospital scheme. We are the only ISFM Cat Friendly hospital in Ireland. See .

Clare, our vet, is an “official” cat expert, having completed a certificate in Feline Medicine with The University of Sydney. Our nurse Aoibhinn has just started a diploma in Feline Nursing.

7. What is the ONE thing that your staff  love most about taking care of animals? 

We love everything about our job. We especially love that we have the opportunity to witness truly amazing bonds between owners and their cats.

Sounds like if you have a cat then this is the place to be in Cork!!



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