Our Vets Are Still Here To Support Us During Our Stay At Home Restrictions

Covid Vet Care

Have you been to visit your vet since the Corona virus hit Ireland?

After weeks of Stay at Home restrictions, we are all getting used to the guidelines to help us stay safe and vets have had to change the way they do things also to support this.

My Cavalier/Jack Russell Tiny has an on-going heart condition common in the Cavalier breed, which means he must take daily medication and is on a special veterinary food diet.

When the restrictions started, I was concerned about being able to continue to get Tiny the medication and food he needs. Would my vet still be able to source it?  Would I be allowed to visit my vet’s premises?

I need not have worried!

While procedures have changed, his vet is still there to take care of him as she always has been and that was a weight off my mind.

Are you now at the stage where you may need to visit your vet?  Are you concerned?

Do not be worried.

We just need to be mindful that there are some new steps in place, to help keep us and our pets safe, while adhering to the government Covid-19 restrictions.

Our Vets Are Still Here To Support Us During Our Stay At Home Restrictions

Our Vets Continue To Be Our Heroes During The Restrictions

Our vets are our pet heroes and are always there when we need them.

Our pets are so precious and when my niece and nephews cat Buddy had to be rushed to the vet we were all so upset, but the constant updates on the day of his accident, and throughout his recovery, helped keep our family strong and hopeful.

Luckily, Buddy is a very resilient cat and now has happily recovered and spends his afternoons curled up on his favourite cushion near the window, so he can make sure he is not missing out on anything while he dozes.

How To Contact Your Vet During The Restrictions

Planning ahead during our stay at home restrictions is so important, as we decide if we really need to make that visit to the shops or pharmacy and then depending on the most recent advice, whether we need to bring disposable gloves or even face masks with us.

The rules the veterinary profession must adhere to now, mean also planning ahead, when deciding if we really need to make that visit to our vets too.

Vet Care Ireland

General Enquiries = Vet Website or Facebook page

Many vet practices now have their own website or Facebook page.  They will have practical advice on many routine enquiries you may have.

Maybe you are looking for advice on your kittens feeding requirements or your dog’s dental care. Or wondering if your pet should be neutered or you are looking for information on micro-chipping.

Vets will often have this advice readily available on their website or Facebook page.

Specific Pet Query = Phone Your Vet

Your vet is still there to talk to and if you have a specific query you need help with that cannot be answered online, do of course call them.  Sometimes advice given over the phone is exactly what you need to help you take care of your pet.

One lovely hot summers day a couple of years ago, I was walking my oldest dog Brucie in our local park with my Mum and niece. We decided to let him have a dip in the stream to cool down. Just as we were leaving the water to go back on to the woodland path, I noticed a wasp hovering over Brucies eye. I swatted it away and as we walked on to the café, we commented on how lucky we were that the wasp had not stung him. Then as we arrived at the café my niece said “Look at Brucie”. I gasped. He looked like a boxer. His right eye was closed shut and getting very swollen. The wasp had stung him after all. I had no idea what to do and decided to quickly call my vet for advice.

She told me to pour cold water over the affected area to wash the sting away and to monitor him closely. His swelling should reduce in the next half hour or so, however if it did not, I was to bring him in, as he may be having a reaction to the wasp sting.  Thankfully Brucie was fine and his eye returned to normal shortly after.

A quick phone call to your vet can often offer the solution when you are worried about your pet.

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Need to Visit = PHONE FIRST

All visits during our current restrictions must be by appointment only, to ensure our safety. Do not visit your vet for anything without phoning first. Your Vet must adhere to regulations designed to keep you and your pet safe.

Even if you have an emergency, like my sister did recently with her dog Marley, please call ahead.

This gives your vet time to wear the appropriate protective clothing when they meet you at the door to collect your pet from you.

My sisters dog Marley is a goofy adorable boy (he is actually the brother of my dog Tiny) but much more adventurous. Which often gets him into trouble.

The term “a house angel but a street devil” was made for him!

He adores nothing more than lying on the couch or the bed getting cuddles when he is indoors. But the second the front door opens he is off like a rocket and has no brakes.

We are still not completely sure what happened. He was chasing his favourite ball and dived to catch it as usual but suddenly he was yelping in pain and did not want to move.

Luckily, our vet had posted a notice on Facebook that week to say they were open for emergencies but to phone first.

My sister rang from home and booked Marley in. She was then able to drive him there nearly immediately and this is where the Covid-19 restrictions make things a bit more difficult.

She had to check in by phone from her car. Her vet then came out wearing protective clothing and met her at the door and took Marley in to be examined – while my sister waited in the car.

This new Covid-19 procedure protects our human health while we ensure our pets health is cared for too.

Marley had managed to pull a tendon in his back leg. Ouch!

The vet was able to help him with his pain and he is recovering nicely now. Of course, one of the things Marley is supposed to be doing is rest and not jump…which is proving quite difficult to explain to a dog who thinks he can fly.

Dog At Home

Vet Supports Continue For You & Your Pets  

We humans are all trying our best to support each other during this pandemic and we need to understand the extra pressures our vets are currently facing.

Adhering to restrictions when the virus started meant our vets had to prioritise and focus on emergencies.  Fewer appointments were possible each day as everything took longer to do.

Phones became busier as all visits had to be booked in advance, and then checked in by phone on arrival and collection.  Protective clothing had to be worn and social distancing rules slowed down all visits including deliveries and pet examinations.

As restrictions start to ease over the coming weeks with the government 5 stage plan, your vet is following the roadmap too, to help get us back to our new normal, as quickly and safely as possible.

During the initial phase of Covid-19, where it was safe to do so, veterinary practises postponed performing routine procedures like vaccinations and neutering operations.

Now that we are entering a new phase these procedures will start again over the coming weeks.  There will be a backlog and vets will contact their clients to set up appointments, whilst also continuing to take care of emergencies.

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Please Support Your Vets And Help Them Support You And Your Pets

Our Vets have helped us nurture and care for our pets from their first routine check-up.

Whereas before the pandemic, you and your pet were welcomed in to the reception area and you were able to comfort your pet during the vet examination, now due to the Covid-19 virus impact, it can mean that you are not able to enter the premises with your pet, as maintaining physical distancing may become impossible, if you are both handling your pet together.

Please accept the understandable delays caused sometimes by living and working alongside this virus.

Support your vets by planning ahead!

General Enquiries = Vet Website or Facebook page.

Specific Pet Query = Phone Your Vet.

Need to Visit = PHONE FIRST.

It is now our turn to support our Vets where we can and help us and our pets all get through this together safely.

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