Pamper Your Pets this Valentine’s Day With These Gift & Activity Ideas

If you are like me, your pets have kept you sane during the last year. And now is our chance to pamper them with these valentines activities for pets.

To mimic a line from the “Sound of Music” ?

“These are a few of My Pets Favourite Things…”


I have some fun ideas listed below to get you started.

Just think about your pets under the headings below. And then when your list is finished, have fun organising the perfect plan to Pamper Your Pets this Valentines!

Presents For Your Pets:

So, think about your pets!!!

  • Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds?
  • What ages are they?
  • What are “Your Pets Favourite Things…”?

Toys, food treats, comfy beds and so on…

Pamper Your Pets this Valentine’s Day With These Gift & Activity Ideas

#1. My Dog Tiny (Lap Dog That Loves Cuddly Toys)

Tiny is a 10-year-old Cavalier Jack Russell cross who adores anything that squeaks and also worships his dog bed.

There is a huge selection of cuddly squeaky toys in our local pet stores and for a full list of your pet stores online, you can check out in our recent article – The Irish Pet Lovers Guide To Online Shopping

A note of caution, always buy cuddly toys that are designed for pets, not ones that are designed for children.

Even small dogs can enjoy pulling and tearing at cuddly toys, so you need one that is made to be durable enough for a dogs’ rough play.

For dogs that really love to chew the KONG brand has a range of cute animal toys that are designed for tough play.

#2. Jenny (Older Girl That Loves Food)

Jenny is a 14-year-old Welsh Terrier who in recent months has become food obsessed.  She is ageing gracefully with cute little grey patches around her eyes and is still as fit as a fiddle but her hearing and seeing abilities are reducing and as those senses have decreased, her sense of smell has increased to compensate…Yikes!!!

So, food is now her thing!  

All food must be kept up high, out of reach, as her detective nose can find the tiniest crumb no matter where it falls and she is now on special veterinary food for her digestion, so it is quite the challenge!

The perfect solution = K9 Connectables Dry Food Dispensing Ball… Called the “Kibble Connector”

As they put it “Ditch the dog bowl and engage your dog at feeding times”

It sounds like a bowling alley, as Jenny pushes the ball across the floor and then stops it with her paw when some of the food falls out.

She is sooo much happier and satisfied!

This is “enrichment” at its best. She is enjoying the challenge of chasing the ball and manipulating it until some of her food falls out and then she uses that amazing nose of hers to hunt it down.

Dinnertime is now enjoyed over 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds, so she actually has time to realise the food has hit her belly and she feels full.

K9 Connectables also offer a range of puzzle toys for interaction too.

#3. Marley (Ball Obsessed Terrier Cross) 

“Marley Man” as we call him has been ball obsessed since my sister got him as a puppy.

He has no “off” button so would fetch a ball for as long as you throw it.  Very important for us all to understand, that some pets do not realise their limitations and it is up to us to know when it is time to stop and let them rest (especially when the warmer weather is here).

The “Kong” was our life saver!

He had chewed and ripped apart so many tennis balls and other so called indestructible balls we were beginning to lose hope.  A ball is his absolute favourite toy, so nothing else satisfied him.

When he was younger the “Kong Extreme” was perfect for him and now that he is getting a bit older and has had some teeth removed by his vet over the years, the standard “Kong” is what keeps him happy.

“Dog Comets” are also excellent but not quite as sturdy.

#4. Buddy (Crazy Cat That Loves Anything That Moves Fast) 

Buddy is a truly hilarious cat. He of course like all cats, loves to sleep but when he wakes up, watch out!

Anything that has a ball he can chase or try to catch is his favourite toy!

“Catit Senses” have the perfect thing for him … a series of tunnels / tubes that a ball whizzes around in and he has to try and catch it through the gaps in the tunnels.

This game provides hours of fun for felines!

Exercise and Games For Valentine’s Day:

Walking is what our dogs love best and there are some truly beautiful locations to visit across Ireland.

My pets favourites are Marlay Park in Rathfarnham (which also has a Dog Park so you can safely let them run free off the lead) and Massy’s Wood when heading for adventures up the Dublin Mountains. 

I am sure you are spoilt for choice too no matter what part of the country you live in, so you can add your pet’s favourite location to your pamper list for valentines!

Games are another fantastic way to exercise your pet and provide mental stimulation too.  Indoor games are also extremely handy when you live in Ireland in the Winter.

Tiny, Marley and Jenny all love “Hide & Seek” which we play out the back garden, with hidden treats under old upside-down flowerpots.  They get so excited sniffing around each pot to find their hidden prize.

And Buddy the Cat has a very unusual Favourite Game ?

His absolute favourite thing to do is play “miniature football” with his human brother.  He is so talented at scoring goals with his paw, that he wins nearly every game.

It is adorable to see how much fun my nephew has playing their football games together!

Check out our links below for some more ideas for Your Pet Pamper List:


We started grooming our pets from an early age, so they got used to us handling them and of course being rewarded with little treats during our grooming sessions means they now actually queue up for their turn ?

If you are looking for some tips to get you started, have a look at our article on DIY Dog Grooming

So, we will be adding some dog grooming and cat pampering to our Valentines plans.

Yes! Buddy the cat does not to be left out and enjoys some gentle brushing before he darts off on his next adventure.

Is your Pet Pamper List Complete? 

  • Presents
  • Exercise / Games
  • Grooming / Cuddles

Let us know in the comments below what you plan to do with your pets this Valentines Day.