Unique Kitten Names: How to Choose a Name for your Kitten?


Unique kitten names can be quite the task to decide on. Your kitten deserves a name that reflects both their personality and yours. You might be leaning more towards naming them something traditional, or something a little more individual. But where do you start?

Does something come to mind instantly, or do you need to spend some time thinking of the perfect name for your kitten?

Grab a notebook to write down your ideas and let’s look at some factors that may contribute to your decision.

What Type of Kitten Do You Have?

Do you have a Burmese, a Siberian Forest Cat, a Calico, a Sphynx, a Persian, or a Tuxedo kitten? All cats have particular or striking features and markings that could contribute to finding the perfect name. Perhaps your kitten has a spot on their nose or a crest on their chest that would make them a perfect candidate for the name Spot.

Maybe they have striking yellow or blue eyes that lead you to a particular name for them. Maybe you have a family member or a human name that would suit them perfectly. It’s a good idea to choose a name that is easy to remember and pronounce so that the kitten can learn their name quickly.

What Name Does Your Kitten Respond To?

Perhaps you have noticed that your kitten responds to certain words already and would like to choose a name that sounds like those words. That would be a good idea as it will help your kitten learn their name, so you can begin to train them to come when called.

A good idea would be to test your kitten’s response out by choosing a few names that sound like the word they respond to and see which one they react to the most. Try it out over the course of a day to make sure their name will stick. The more you can minimise changing their name, the easier the transition will be on your kitten and reduce confusion.

What Kind Of Name Sticks Out To You the Most?

Picking a name that resembles their personality perfectly or stands out because of a striking feature, or colour pattern, can be the difference between changing their name or keeping it indefinitely. Choosing a name that you personally like is also a factor to consider when naming your kitten. Do you like trendy names that are based on celebrities or something else that’s meaningful to you, or do you prefer names based on locations, food, or people in your life?

Picking a name that suits both you and your kitten’s personalities is crucial to naming them correctly. Make sure to like the name you pick as well as testing the kitten’s response to it to ensure you both like it, which is the key to finding the perfect name for your kitten!

Top Cat Names Of 2016

If you can’t decide then here are the top cat names of 2016  – for boys and girls.

Top 10 Female Cat Names

  1. Bella
  2. Nala
  3. Abby
  4. Luna
  5. Daisy
  6. Angel
  7. A.J.
  8. Cleo
  9. Alice
  10. Coco

Top 10 Male Cat Names

  1. Simba
  2. Tiger
  3. Oreo
  4. Biscuit
  5. Leo
  6. Felix
  7. Chewie
  8. Bacon
  9. Caesar
  10. Jasper

How did you decide what to call your kitten? Let us know in the comments below.