6 Tips To Travel Safely And Stress-Free With Your Dog

6 Tips To Travel Safely And Stress-Free With Your Dog

Our pets play an integral role in our lives. They are our best friends and so it makes sense that we would them to travel with us if they could. So, is it possible to travel with a dog?

Yes it is definitely possible to travel with your dog, however you should prepare properly and make sure you have everything you need for a fun trip.

In this article we outline some tips to help you and your pooch have the best trip possible wherever you decide to go on holiday.

6 Tips To Travel Safely And Stress-Free With Your Dog

#1. Schedule A Checkup Visit At The Vet

Start by visiting a vet before your trip. Your visit to the vet should help confirm that the dog is in good health and can handle the journey. Your vet should also confirm if their vaccinations are up-to-date. If not, they should do the necessary. 

While there, the vet may also assess the dog for pests, like ticks and fleas. You will be at peace knowing everything is confirmed by a professional. In case your dog has any allergies, ask about them. 

Don’t forget to take the vaccination certificate and the medical report from your vet. You may need them during the trip. 

#2. Pick Your Mode Of Transportation

After you get the clearance from your vet, it would be a perfect time to decide on your mode of transport. As pointed out at travellingwithadog.com, if you plan to use your car, ensure that it is well prepared to allow your dog’s maximum comfort.

Otherwise, it is advisable to look for a pet-friendly campervan with more space to fit any of your larger dogs. Whatever choice you pick, ensure you have a safety harness for the dog’s safety in case of an accident. 

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#3. Ensure The Dog Pet Has A Tracker

There is nothing as scary as losing your lovely dog during your trip. This can end up ruining the entire trip.

Thankfully, technology has made it possible to track your dog despite the location. A Pet Tracker on your dog will offer extra security and peace of mind, especially when they wander off in a new environment. 

#4. Plan your Route

Planning your trip is crucial since you can schedule all that you need for your dog. It becomes enjoyable when you know the places that you will be visiting.

Planning will help you choose different pet-friendly restaurants and hotels along the way. Additionally, you can make a note of pet stores or vets along the way in case you’ll need one. 

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#5. Make Sure You Choose Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Whether you will be camping or staying in a hotel, you will need to reserve some accommodation before the trip starts. For hotels, booking accommodation may sound complicated since some hotels don’t allow dogs. Therefore, it will help if you confirm with the premises whether pets are allowed before booking. You can make use of the internet to find the ideal spot easily. 

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#6. Pack Well For Your Pet Dog

Lastly, ensure you pack the necessary items you need for your dog. It is advisable to have a pet travel organiser if you happen to travel a lot. Some of the items for your dog that you shouldn’t forget include;

  • Pet food and treats 
  • Ensure you pack vitamins, pet medications, and supplements
  • Old towel in case of rain
  • The bed your dog will sleep on to ensure that it’s comfortable at night
  • Food and water containers for feeding
  • Ensure you pack a first aid kit and any insect repellent
  • If you plan to go on hikes, remember to pack an extra lead

Whatever you choose to pack, ensure that it makes your dog comfortable and stress-free. Secondly, ensure you plan your dog’s feeding time carefully. For instance, you shouldn’t feed your dog a few minutes before starting your trip. Doing so will make it uncomfortable from the start. According to dog experts, the feeding should be done at least three hours before departure time.  

Also, ensure they drink only clean water during the trip. You don’t want your dog to start having problems while you are out there having fun. 

Traveling with a dog is always fun and exciting. These practical and helpful tips will help you on your next trip. By following the guidelines, your dog will have a great time, and you will be stress-free on the whole trip.

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