How To Train Your Dog To Stay: Dog Training Tips

Train Dog To Stay

When you get a dog, there are certain things that you will want to train them to do and training them to stay is one of them. When you start to train your dog to stay you might find it frustrating, so we’ve got a step by step guide to make it as easy as possible.

When Should You Train Your Dog to Stay?

As soon as you get your dog you should work on basic commands so that they are used to being trained as soon as they come into your home.

Someone recently told me that a trained dog is a happy dog, so don’t feel like they will be upset at the training!

And remember with reward based training they are going to love getting lots of nice treats as they are getting trained.

How to Train Your Dog to Stay

Training your dog to stay is not going to be the easiest of things to do, especially if they are a puppy who naturally wants to move around with excitement.

If you have not taught your dog to sit then visit our article on How to Train Your Dog to Sit.

Step 1

Once your dog is sitting (or lying down) then hold your palm towards them and say ‘stay’.

Step 2

Wait for a few seconds and then when you are sure that they are staying in that position you can reward them. Note – if you are clicker training then you can click the clicker now!

Keep repeating this process.

Step 3

Once you are happy they understand the command then move further back from them gradually each time and reward them for staying. Make sure you wait 3-5 seconds before you reward them to make sure they understand they need to stay.

You can use words like ‘Good Girl’ or ‘Well Done’ at the same time as giving them the treat.

Step 4

If your dog doesn’t stay, then repeat the process. Make sure though you take plenty of breaks. Shorter periods of training work much better.

What Not to Do When Teaching Your Dog to Stay

Don’t expect too much on day one. These things can take time and if you rush the process, or try to do too much at once, both you and your dog will end up frustrated.

Never shout at your dog or tell them off for not staying. Reward based training means that they will realise that if they don’t stay they won’t get a treat. Regular practice will help them understand this.

Why Won’t My Dog Stay for Me?

Your dog may feel uncomfortable sitting so you could allow them to stand instead and still use the stay command and reward process.

Maybe you have been trying to get them to stay for too long. Short trainings are much better and more productive.

Videos Resource to Help You

We found a Victoria Stilwell video to help you when training your dog to stay.

How did you get on training your dog to stay? Let us know in the comments below