Top Cat Names for 2013

When choosing a name for your cat did you go for something traditional or something more fun and quirky. I remember as a child my brother and I both had cats – I called mine Parsley (who knows why!) and my brother called his Elvis (must have been a fan!)

I suppose as a child it means you can pick any random name you like – maybe even after your favourite cartoon charactor. But as you get older should you pick a more traditional name for your cat? Or does it even matter?

When Mike and I got our first cat we called it Top Cat after the brilliant cartoon charactor Top Cat.

According to Your Cat Magazine these are the top 10 Cat Names for 2013

Source: Wikipedia


1 Oscar

2 Charlie

3 Alfie

4 Poppy

5 Coco

6 Leo

7 Tilly

8 Molly

9 Jasper

10 Monty

So what’s your cat name? How did you decide on it and why?



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