Top 5 Must Read Articles If You Are Hiring A Pet Sitter

Finding the best pet sitter for your pets’ and your needs requires more than just picking up the phone and calling a pet sitting company. Research is crucial to determining how to find the best sitter, what to expect from your pet sitter, and to hiring a pet sitter.

Here are the top five must read articles if you are hiring a pet sitter:

Five Steps to Hiring a Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter requires more than just making a phone call. You will first need to determine what type of visits – regular daily visits or overnight visits – your pets will need, where you will look for a pet sitter, and your expectations of a professional pet sitter. Never hire a pet sitting company before you meet with the prospective pet sitter to ensure she is a good match for you and for your pets. Read More


You’ve Decided To Book A Pet Sitter/Dog Walker – What Happens Next?

You’ve decided that leaving your pet with a professional, experienced pet sitter is the ideal option – compared to putting her in a kennel or having a friend watch her. But, what happens next? In this article, you will learn the five simple steps you will take when you work with Pet Sitters Ireland, including organising your mandatory meet and greet, filling out your pet care sheet, and creating a schedule that works best for your pets’ needs. Read More

5 Reasons You Should Never Choose A Pet Sitter Based On Price

Adhering to a budget is necessary for many people. But, when it comes to the care of your beloved pets, you should never choose a pet sitter based on price alone. You will learn the five reasons choosing a pet sitter based on price could backfire, including working with an individual who is not a real professional and not getting the personal one-on-one attention you expect from a professional. Keep that old saying “you get what you pay for” in mind. Read More

Does Your Dog or Cat Need an Overnight Pet Sitter?

Some pets need extra love and attention due to illness, age, or personality. Learn the questions to ask to determine if your dog or cat needs an overnight pet sitter and how Pet Sitters Ireland can ensure your pets receive the care they require while you are gone at night. Read More

 5 Problems of Using a Local Pet Sitter

Learn the questions you should ask to determine whether hiring a local pet sitter – over a professional nationwide company like Pet Sitters Ireland – is your best option. Read More


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