Top 5 Must Read Articles If You Are Hiring A Dog Walker

Hiring a professional dog walker doesn’t have to be stressful or even complicated. But, it does require careful research to ensure you are engaging the services of a professional who will care for your beloved dog just as you would.

Here are the top five must read articles if you are hiring a dog walker:

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Dog Walker

Whether you are planning to hire a dog walker or you’re still on the fence about whether your dog really needs a professional dog walker, you will learn five of the many benefits to both you and your dog when you engage the services of a dog walker.

Checklist for Hiring a Dog Walker

Interview prospective dog walkers. If they’re professionals, they will expect the onslaught of questions and will be able to easily answer them. Jot down a list of questions you have, including the many included in the checklist of hiring a dog walker, so you can make a well-informed decision on which dog walker has the criteria you require and is best for your needs.

Five Characteristics of a Professional Dog Walker

Most people can walk a dog. But, what separates a pet parent from a professional dog walker? Plenty. A professional dog walker runs a business dedicated to safely walking your dogs. Learning the five characteristics of a professional dog walker will help in determining the best dog walking company for your needs.


5 Things Every Dog Walker Should Carry With Them

When you talk with prospective dog walkers, be sure to also ask them the items they carry with them during walks. After all, what if your dog becomes injured, is thirsty, or the unexpected – such as a lead breaking – happens? Learn the five items every dog walker should carry with them and make sure the dog walker you are considering hiring carries these essential items with her.

You’ve Decided To Book A Pet Sitter/Dog Walker – What Happens Next?

Once you have done your research and found a dog walking service with which you are comfortable, what will you do next? Well, if you opt for the professional dog walking and pet sitting services of Pet Sitters Ireland, you will go through a simple yet essential process that includes creating a schedule, filling out an online pet care profile, and meeting your assigned dog walker.

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