Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Dog Walker

Dog WalkingImagine spending the day cooped up in the house, eagerly waiting for your loved ones to return. You play with toys for a few minutes here and there, snooze throughout the day, and anxiously await the moment you hear a voice and are no longer alone.

A dog’s day can be long and tedious. And, a bored dog – no matter how well-behaved and trained he is – can quickly become a destructive dog. Fortunately, a professional dog walker can help break up the monotony and keep your dog happy throughout the day.

5 Benefits Of Using A Dog Walker

1. Ease your stress and worry. There is nothing more stressful than trying to focus at work or trying to enjoy your leisure time away from home when you’re wondering how your dog is doing: Does he need to go to the toilet? Has he had enough exercise? Is he okay? A dog walker puts your mind at ease and lets you focus on the moment by ensuring your dog gets a brisk walk, has the opportunity to use the toilet, and enjoys time for socialization.

2. Provide your dog with a toilet break. Even the most well-trained dogs struggle without using the toilet all day long. Accidents happen. The chance of an accident happening, when your dog has a mid-day toilet break, is much less for dogs that go out daily with a dog walker.

3. Give your dog exercise. Dogs, especially younger dogs, require exercise to exert excess energy and older dogs must have exercise to keep them healthy and trim. Your dog walker will take your dog on a walk – or two, or however many you choose – on a daily basis, allowing your dog to stay as close to his normal schedule as possible.

4. Prevent behavioural problems. Your dog needs mental stimulation. A brisk walk – that may include socialisation with other people and pets – provides your dog with much-needed mental and physical stimulation. That time with the dog walker can help prevent such behavioural problems as excessive barking, whining, and destroying furniture and other belongings.

5. Your dog receives one-on-one attention. Dogs thrive on love and attention, and that’s just what a dog walker gives your dog each visit. Over time, your dog will get to know your dog walker and vice-versa, and he will enjoy the companionship during each walk. A dog walker praises good behavior, offers a reprieve from being alone during the day, and generously gives hugs, belly rubs, and gentle pats on the head.

A dog walker can become a trusted friend for your dog or dogs and a trusted professional for you who can care for your dog when you can’t be there.

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