Tips to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

Puppies are just so cute that most people can’t say no to them. After all, how can you resist having that cute little ball of fur run over to you and jump on you, smothering you with kisses? Ah, the days of having a puppy.

But, then, something happens. That puppy grows up. Soon, she may be 40, 50 or even 100 pounds. Now imagine that big hunk of love running towards you, ready to pounce and to smother you with kisses. Not such a nice thought now, is it?

Here are some tips to stop your dog from jumping on people:

Tips to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on

Teach her early.

If you adopt a puppy, teach her early that she shouldn’t jump on people. Yes, it’s cute now but it won’t be that way when she’s a full-grown adult dog. Consider the following tips when teaching your puppy or adult dog not to jump on others.

Ignore her.

If your puppy or dog begins to jump on you, she’s seeking your attention and approval. Ignore her. She is exhibiting behavior you do not want to see. If you do not give your dog the attention she seeks, she will learn not to continue the unwanted behavior.

Teach her to sit.

Teach your dog to sit when someone approaches or enters the room. Simply say “sit.” If your dog does not sit and comes to you instead, simply walk away. Do the exercise until your dog realizes that she must sit to receive attention.

Stand up to her.

Perhaps your dog has a way of jumping up on you when you’re sitting on the sofa, having a snack. Again, a cute little puppy might not be a problem but a full grown dog and that snack is more likely to end up in her stomach than in yours. If you’re sitting on the sofa or a chair and your dog jumps on you, stand up immediately. Only when your dog has each of her paws on the floor should you sit down again.

Practice makes perfect.

You know that old saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, you can but it’s going to take patience and persistence on your part. Don’t let your dog jump sometimes and not others. That’s only going to confuse her. Consistency is key with teaching your dog it’s not okay to jump on people.

What is your best tip for getting a puppy or a dog to stop jumping on people?



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