5 Tips for Travelling Around Ireland With Your Dog

5 Tips for Travelling Around Ireland With Your Dog

Have you ever considered travelling with your dog around Ireland?

Traveling promises unexpected adventures, lifelong memories, and the opportunity to get away from reality and enjoy much deserved relaxation.

But – and yes, there’s always a but – if you’ve ever travelled with kids or pets, you know that can add an element of stress. Travelling with your dog means ensuring they have everything they need for your trip, being willing to stop regularly if you’re going in the car, and finding dog-friendly accommodation.

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5 Tips for Travelling Around Ireland With Your Dog

#1. Make A List Of The Supplies You Need.

What does your dog need to be happy and healthy while you are away from home? Here are some things that might make your list:

  • Water and Food Bowls. Whether you are traveling with your dog by car, by plane, or by boat, you probably have limited space in your luggage. You may want to opt for a travel dog bowl that easily closes flat to conserve space.
  • Snacks and Food. You may want to pack your dogs favourite snacks and food, especially if your dog is sensitive to different foods.
  • Medication. If your dog takes medication, be sure to pack them. However, if you are leaving the country, ensure that the drugs are legal at your destination. It would also be advisable to ensure you have a Pet First Aid Kit with you in case of any accidents.
  • Entertainment. Keep your dog entertained and happy, during the trip to your destination and while you are away from home, with plenty of toys. A kong, in which you can put peanut butter or treats, can keep your dog entertained for hours.
  • Comfort. An extra supply of blankets and jackets (if they wear them) can keep your dog feeling comfy and relaxed.
  • Leads & Collars. It’s always useful to have an extra lead whenever you take your dog anywhere – just in case it breaks. And if you are travelling for a long time a spare collar could be useful.

#2. Find Dog Friendly Accommodation.

Decide what type of accommodation you want for your dog. Do you want a dog friendly hotel that allows your dog to stay in the room with you? Or, do you prefer a hotel in which your dog will have his own room?

Always remember to ask plenty of questions, including whether there is an extra fee for bringing your dog.

If you’re staying in Ireland, you can add an extra layer of reassurance by having a Professional Pet Sitter come to the hotel, take your dog for a walk, and ensure they get exercise and socialization while you are out for the afternoon or the evening.

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#3. Ensure Your Dog’s Safety In The Car.

When you are travelling with your dog, purchase a harness or a crate to ensure they remain safe in case of a quick stop or even if you become involved in an accident.

It is a legal required for your dog to be restrained so make sure you have the proper equipment to facilitate this.

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#4. Make Sure Your Dog Is Not Too Hot In The Car

It goes without saying you should never leave your dog in the car when it is warm. It’s extremely dangerous for your dog and can result in fatality.

If you are driving long distances in the car you should make sure that your dog is cool enough and stop at regular intervals for them to get a drink and stretch their legs.

It might be tempting to open the window and let them hang their head out the window  – but this can be very dangerous for your dog. They could get hit by something or choke on a flying object.

Instead open the window slightly to let cool air in or turn on the air conditioning.

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#5. Ensure Your Pet Is Microchipped And Has A Tag On Their Collar

Having a microchip is a legal requirement in Ireland, so if you don’t have your dog chipped then you should do this before you travel. If your dog is microchipped then make sure the details are up to date and have your current address and mobile number is registered.

Your dog should also have a collar with a tag showing all their details. So make sure this is attached to their collar and up to date.

If you are worried about your dog wandering off at any stage on your travel then a GPS Tracking device will give you peace of mind.

What is the most important tip you can give other dog owners about traveling with a dog?

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