Tips For Picking A Dog Collar To Match Your Dog

A dog collar is so much more than just a tool to keep your dog safe. It’s a fashion accessory, a statement about your dog’s personality, and a celebration of who your dog is and how much he/she means to you.

Choosing the perfect dog collar to match your dog should be a fun experience as you explore the many options you have from Pet Sitters Ireland.

To find a dog collar that best matches your dog, ask yourself the following questions:

What is your dog’s personality?

Sometimes finding a matching dog collar for your dog is as easy as considering his or her unique personality. Perhaps your dog fits the definition of diva to a sparkling T. Add a princess pink velvet collar, made from genuine Swiss velvet, to her accessories to transform her into a full-fledged diva.

Pink Velvet Dog Collar
Pink Velvet Dog Collar

Or, maybe your pooch is a sports fanatic, the first one to jump into water when he sees it, the family member who can run and play for hours on end. Consider choosing a sporty yet stylish collar like the green waterproof dog collar that will stand whatever test your dog throws at it, looking brand new after a simple rinse under warm water.

Sometimes you just want a simple yet attractive collar that your dog can wear when she goes to the vet or you bring her along to run errands. An orange hemp collar is simplicity personified, perfect as an everyday accessory.

Hemp Dog Collar
Hemp Dog Collar

What is your favourite colour?

You may have a favourite colour that defines your personality. My favourite colour, for example, is pink, so my dog, Coco, has a lot of pink collars. Collars come in all styles and colours, which makes it simple for you to find plenty of options. If your favourite colour is pink like mine, you might opt for the princess pink velvet collar, a pink leather dog collar, or a pink martini dog collar.

What colour is your dog?

Some colours just accentuate a dog’s natural colours. If your dog looks pretty in purple, you may find the purple dot dog collar, made from fade resistant, recycled canvas, or a purple velvet dog collar complements her fur perfectly. Those dogs who look natural in red might opt for the red leather dog collar or the red martini dog collar.

Purple Dot Dog Collar
Purple Dot Dog Collar

How often do your surprise your dog with a brand new dog collar?



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