Tips For Giving Your Dog Medication


Your dog just doesn’t want to take his medication. And, who can blame him? Maybe it tastes bad. Or, maybe he just doesn’t like being forced to take something that isn’t a favorite treat.

For whatever reason your dog fights when it is medication time, it can be a stressful process for both your dog and for you. Battling with a dog to give him medication can result in losing doses of medication and a lot of frustration.

Giving your dog medication will go much smoother by keeping the following tips and tricks in mind:

Insert the pill into your dog’s mouth.

If you’re giving your dog a pill, one of the fastest ways to get it down is to open your dog’s mouth and insert the pill as far back on the tongue as you can then hold your dog’s mouth shut. Take your fingers and massage your dog’s throat until he swallows the pill. Dogs usually lick their noses once they swallow the pill.

Use a syringe.

If your dog has liquid medication, you’re going to have to get it in him somehow and a syringe is usually the quickest and easiest way. Once you’ve put the medication in the syringe, hold your dog’s head straight. Never tilt it backwards. Put the syringe in the back corner of one side of your dog’s mouth, preferably between the teeth and your dog’s cheek, and press the syringe to release the medication. Gently hold your dog’s mouth closed until he swallows.

Ask for flavored medication.

Of course, flavored medication is only available in liquid. But, if your dog’s medication comes in liquid, you may have a much easier time getting him to take it from a syringe if it is flavored grape or another appealing flavor.

Hide the medication.

Dogs are clever. Sometimes hiding the pills is the best way to go. Some people wrap the pill in a piece of cheese, which their dog devours, while others recommend making meatballs and burying it in the center of the meatball. Find something safe that works for your dog.

Never crush your dog’s medication unless you first ask your veterinarian if it is safe to do so. Some pills are time released and cannot be crushed, and some pills are dangerous in powder form. If you are given the go ahead to crush the pills, you can also hide them in food, such as in applesauce, a safe treat for dogs.

Giving your dog his medication doesn’t have to be stressful. Try different ways to find the one that works best for both you and your dog.

Easily Give Your Dog Medication



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