5 Things You Should Always Take On a Dog Walk

5 Things You Should Always Take On a Dog Walk

Taking your dog for a walk is great exercise for both you and your dog, and is a great way to bond and have fun with them. But preparation is key making your trip to the park or beach a great success.

Which is why we suggest you take these 5 things on your dog walk.

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5 Things You Should Always Take On a Dog Walk

#1. A Quality Dog Lead

Having a spare lead on a walk is always advisable in case one breaks or gets damaged. It’s also important to check your lead for wear and tear on a regular basis.

Also as your dog grows you might need to replace the lead for something more appropriate to their size and weight. This applies to dog collars and harnesses too.

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#2. Water And Something To Drink Out Of

I know Ireland is not always the hottest place, but that doesn’t mean your dog won’t want a nice drink of water. So always have some water with you and perhaps a collapsible bowl that you pour the water into.

You might even want some water for yourself if it is a brisk walk.

Having a towel in the car is also handy if they get wet drinking their water or if it rains. No-one wants a wet, muddy car. A dog drying coat is perfect for putting on them after their walk if they do get wet.

#3. Poo Bags

Poo Bags are essential – and plenty of them! It’s a must to pick up after your dog, after all they can’t do it themselves and it is what you signed up for when you got a dog.

You can get really handy poo bag holders which clip onto your dogs leads which means you never forget them.

There are also lots of biodegradable poo bags which are much better for the environment.

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#4. Treats

You might want to treat your dog at the end of the walk, or use treats as part of your lead training. Something small and tasty is always good for reward based training.

Make sure you don’t over treat and if you dog doesn’t travel well in the car it’s often best to avoid treats.

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#5. Mobile Phone in Case of Emergency

Make sure you have a phone that is charged. You never know if you might injure yourself or your dog might get injured. You want to be able to make contact with someone if you need help.

If you are hiking in an area your are not familiar with it’s always best to take someone with you and/or let someone know where you are walking.

Once you have everything packed then you are ready to go on your walk. We hope you enjoy.

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