The Top 7 Things To Do When You Visit Prague

Prague has often been likened to 20th century Paris for its vibrant culture, rich history, and vast array of restaurants and entertainment. Echoes of centuries gone by follow travelers through Prague, a city whose most famous landmarks date back centuries. Adding Prague to your bucket list promises to give you an adventure and an experience found nowhere else in the world.

The Top 7 Things To Do When You Visit Prague

Here are the top seven things to do when you visit Prague:

Old Town Square

Go back in time to the 10th century when you visit Prague’s historic Old Town Square. The square, located in the heart of Prague Old Town, has been used as a marketplace for centuries and it was once where executions were held. Today, travelers from around the world flock to Old Town Square for the famed Easter and Christmas markets. Drink in the unbeatable view from Old Town Square, where you will be surrounded by the historic Astronomical Clock, which made its debut in the 1400s and is currently the largest working clock in the world and St. Nicholas Church. Plan your trip to Old Town Square by starting at:

The Charles Bridge

Stroll across the Charles Bridge, which runs over the Vltava River, and listen for the echoes of history. The construction of the bridge began in 1357 and since its completion in 1390, millions of people from around the world have crossed its path, which is open only to pedestrians. Standing proudly along the bridge are 30 medieval statues. Travelers flock to the bridge each day, so plan your visit strategically. Visiting in the early hours of dawn will allow you a stunning view as the sun wakens the city. And, you’ll likely miss the crowds at that early hour. Learn more about the Charles Bridge at

Prague Castle

Prague Castle, the spectacular abode the President of the Czech Republic calls home, has majestically guarded the city since the 9th century. Take a leisurely stroll, if you’re visiting in the summer months, through the colourful gardens, and plan to visit the castle’s State Rooms, which are open for visitors on Saturdays from May 1st annually. Experience authentic royal life as you view the Changing of the Guard, starting at 12:00 each day and following every hour on the hour. Prague Castle has won acclaim in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the biggest medieval castle in the world. Start preparing for your visit to Prague Castle at:

The Prague Zoo

Few journeys are complete without a trip to the local zoo to enjoy the animals who call it home and to marvel at the lush wildlife that surrounds it. The Prague Zoo promises visitors a close encounter with its famous residents, including Aranka (Komodo dragon), Cert (honey badger), Bora (polar bear), and Nora (giraffe). Leave yourself plenty of time to wander through the sprawling zoo, visiting the Hippo House, Elephant Valley, the Indonesian Jungle, the Pavilion of Penguins, and the Children’s Zoo. Stop for a break at one of the restaurants. Or, if your kids really want to run around, make time for the children’s play area then upload all of your photos to Facebook using the zoo’s complimentary Wi-Fi connection. The zoo opens at 9 a.m. daily with closing hours depending on the season. Get ready for your excursion to the Prague Zoo here:

The Museum of Communism

The Czech Republic, once a part of Czechoslovakia, has a rich and storied history. Take a journey through the city’s history by visiting the Museum of Communism. Although the Museum of Communism gives visitors insight into communism’s role in Czechoslovakia, it offers a particular focus on Prague. Stroll through time as you get a glimpse into all aspects of life in Prague, including sports, politics, history, entertainment, and everyday life. Plan to spend at least a good portion of the day at the museum if you want to experience all it has to offer. Learn more about the Museum of Communism at

Petrin Hill & Observation Tower

Debuting at the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891, Petrin Hill & Observation Tower is vaguely reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower, the inspiration for the towering landmark that draws countless tourists each year. Wear comfortable walking shoes if you plan to trek the 299 stairs that lead to the top of the Observation Tower. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a clear day with good visibility, you will be treated to a stunning view of Prague and a panoramic view of Bohemia. Start or finish your visit by treating yourself to a buffet meal on the ground floor and be sure to make time to head down to the basement to learn more about Petrin Hill’s history. The Observation Tower is open daily but check the hours as they change according to the seasons. Discover why you should add Petrin Hill & Observation Tower to your itinerary by visiting and

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague’s Astronomical Clock sits majestically in Old Town Square, where its bells toll at the top of every hour. Also at the top of every hour, each of the 12 apostles appears as the scriptures move. No visit to Prague is complete without a stop at Old Town Square to experience the chiming of Prague’s Astronomical Clock and the everyday hustle and bustle of the square. Learn more about Prague’s Astronomical Clock at:

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