The Pros And Cons Of Being A Dog Walker In Ireland

When people think of being a Dog Walker they think of earning lots of money for walking people’s dogs – easy job hugh?

But the reality is that it is a lot of hard work and responsibility – and not every element of the job is always fun.

The Pros Of Being A Professional Dog Walker

Happy Dogs. There is no doubt in my mind that when a customers dog sees you coming through the door that theyDog Walker in Irelandare really pleased and happy to see you. When you lift up that Dog Lead they are genuinely delighted and excited to go for their walk. The joy in that is priceless.

Exercise. It’s not only great exercise for the dog but also for the walker. There are not many jobs where you get paid to walk and keep fit all day.

Freedom. The job of a Dog Walker comes with a certain amount of freedom. You obviously have places to be at certain times of the day and you have walks that need to be done – but you are not working in an office all day – nor are you dealing with office politics. Instead you get to chat with your doggie clients all day – and those are the types of clients that don’t answer back or give out!

The Cons of Being A Professional Dog Walker

Clean Up Duties. Lets face it there is nothing glamorous or fun about picking up Dog Poo. It’s something that has to be done – but we won’t pretend it is the fun part of the job.

The Weather. This can be a Pro and a Con to the job. When it’s sunny it’s great to be out getting a tan, when all your friends are getting hot in their offices. But when it rains and snows then most people would prefer not to be out in it.

Leaving the Dogs. People move away and take their dogs with them, and when you have been walking them for some time you can really miss them when they move. We all get attached to animals – so this can be a sad part of the job.

If you are considering getting a Dog Walker for your Dog make sure you take time to choose the right Dog Walker for your Dog.

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