The Best Designer Cat Collars For Your Fashionista Cat

She’s got spunk. She’s got style. Everyone who has ever met her immediately mentions the royal way she presses her feet together and the regality of how she holds her head.

She’s a diva, a fashionista, and she’s your cat. Treat your cat like the fashionista she is by choosing a stylish, top-of-the-line cat collar.

How to Pick The Perfect Cat Collar

Match your cat’s personality

Is your cat dainty and dignified? Or, is she bold and colourful? Find a cat collar that matches your cat’s individual personality. A delicate pink crystal collar may be just the right choice if your cat is dainty and dignified while a red leather cat collar can bring out the boldness of your cat’s personality.

Choose a colour that compliments your cat

All cats are beautiful. But, just like some colours look better on us than others, certain colours will better accentuate your cat’s stunning colour. Browse through the many styles of cat collars at Pet Sitters Ireland’s Online Shop to find the perfect collar to compliment your cat’s colour.

Dare to be bold

Avoid the plain, traditional cat collars you find at most shops and help your cat explore her saucy side with a fun new cat collar. Try leather. Consider crystal. Opt for bright dots against a warm background. Or, choose a stylish 21st century collar with reflective stitching.

Turn Your Cat Into Your Town’s Top Fashionista

Pink Crystal Cat Collar

Pamper your kitty like the princess she is with this dainty yet glamorous pink crystal cat collar made with genuine Swarovski crystal elements. She’ll turn heads every time she walks down the street or when she welcomes visitors to your home. A tiny bell dangles from the collar, announcing your cat’s presence wherever she goes.

Pink Crystal Cat Collar

Red Leather Cat Collar

Celebrate your bold and daring fashionista’s style with a brilliant red leather cat collar. Made with ultra-soft felt, this stunning cat collar features a bell and bright orange kitten silhouette appliques.

Safety Cat Collar

Does your fashionista like to prance in the back garden, showing off her strut and style to the neighbors? Or does she like to prowl quietly in the evening when the house is dark? The safety cat collar features both reflective stitching and a dainty bell that will help you keep track of your stylish girl, whether she’s inside or outside.

What is your cat’s favorite fashion accessory?



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