The Benefits of Group Dog Walking Versus Solo Dog Walking: A Comparison of Dog Walking Services


We receive calls every day from people looking for a Dog Walking service for their dog. They might work or just not have a lot of time to get out for a dog walk due to other commitments or perhaps an illness.

They know their dog loves their dog walk, but sometimes they are not sure whether they want to book a solo dog walk or a group dog walk.

I get it, you want your dog to have fun with other dogs, but you also want to make sure they get a good dog walk.

We look in this article at the benefits of group dog walking versus a solo dog walk, and what dog walking service we can offer you.

The Benefits of Dog Walking

Some dog walking services offer one-on-one walks with just the dog and the dog walker while other dog walkers walk their pups in groups. Which is better? Let’s look at the benefits of both:

The Benefits of Group Dog Walking

If your dog is an outgoing dog who just wants to be around other dogs, group dog walking may just be for him. When your dog walks with a group, he will be with other dogs the entire time. He will follow the route, with which he will become familiar with each walk, as decided by your professional dog walker.

He may not get the one-on-one attention of a solo walk, but he will have interaction with other dogs. He will enjoy frequent stops as most dogs like stopping and exploring their surroundings.

The Benefits of Solo Dog Walking

Perhaps the biggest benefit of solo dog walking is your dog will receive specialized one-on-one attention. Walks will be catered to your dog’s specific needs. If you have a rambunctious puppy, your dog walker may take him for a long, challenging walk. But, if you have an elder dog with arthritis, your dog walker might just take him for a lazy stroll down the block (depending on what you want).

With solo dog walking, your dog will enjoy socializing with your dog walker and other dogs and people he meets along the way. He can stop when he wants and walk when he’s ready. The dog walker will focus solely on your dog, ensuring that all of his needs are met – walk, socialization, elimination, treats, and so on – before she moves on to her next client.

Solo Dog Walking

Pet Sitters Ireland offers only private one-on-one dog walks to ensure each dog receives the same high quality walks and plenty of attention and socialization.

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