Hiring a Pet Sitter: The Advantages Of Using A Pet Sitter.

Benefits of using a pet sitter
When you are planning to travel away your first thought is who is going to take care of the pets. You would love to take them with you, but it is not always possible for them to travel with you.

You hate the thought of putting them in Kennels or Catteries and your friends don’t really have the time to care for your pets, so you decide to use the services of a Pet Sitter.

Advantages Of Using A Pet Sitter

Pets Stay At Home

When you use the services of a Pet Sitter they get to stay at home in their own familiar surroundings. They get to sleep in their own bed with their own toys and blankets. They also get to eat their normal food, from their normal bowl at the same times they are used to.

We can visit as many times a day as you need to make sure your pets routine is followed.

Less Stress

It’s a lot less stress for both you and your pets knowing that a Professional Pet Sitter is taking care of your pets. Your pets don’t get stressed being in new surroundings, instead they are calm and relaxed at home.

You don’t have to rush to drop them off anywhere or hurry home to collect them for any specific time. You can organise your Pet Sitting visits at the times that suit you.

Home Security

If you choose to put your pets in a Kennel or Cattery then you leave your home empty. Unless you arrange a home security service to call by your house each day then you won’t know if it is secure or not while you are away.

With a Pet Sitter you get the added benefit of someone coming to your house every day and keeping an eye on the property, as well as taking care of your pets.

We can perform lots of home security checks to make sure you have complete peace of mind.

One To One Care

When you use the services of a Pet Sitter your pets get one to one care when we are with them. There is no group situation and so your pets get the same love and care that you would give them.

If you opt for our Overnight Pet Sitting service we can even sleep over with your pets. This is perfect for any pet that gets very anxious when you are not around.


If you are planning a trip and need a Pet Sitter in a hurry then that’s no problem. We can organise pet care for you at short notice.

Once we have met with you, done a meet and greet and have your keys then our Pet Sitting service is available to you at short notice.

If you are considering using a Pet Sitter then download our handy Checklist For Hiring A Pet Sitter so that you can make an informed decision.




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