After losing my 18 year long best mate (the 4 legged kind of course!) just over 4 years ago I took the plunge again and met and fell in love with my gorgeous Molly whom I took straight home with me. Within 24 hours I was completely panicking!  This tiny, 4 legged ball of cuteness was an absolute nightmare. Dear God had I underestimated the ‘power’ of a Puppy !!!  So its Wednesday, 2 days later, and I’m back to work the following Monday she’s not toilet trained yet, she is eating everything in sight, peeing and pooping anywhere and most importantly she is going to be so lonely………as the film goes…….’Who ya gonna call????……….Pet Sitters Ireland!!

I am overwhelmed by the love, commitment, expertise and support that Molly and I get from the Pet Sitters Ireland team.  Sometimes I think Molly is actually disappointed to see me coming in the door and not Paul or Jim!  Paul and Molly have a very special bond and Paul recently went on holidays, both Molly and I were worried until along comes Jim who just steps straight in and takes control.

For all you pet lovers out there, you can so easily find the balance between cuddles with your favourite fur ball and work commitments with the the support of the amazing team at Pet Sitters Ireland, they have my complete trust with Molly and my home, sure Paul and now Jim are almost part of the family 🙂