Simply Wonderful: couldn’t ask for better

I have two very special and precious cats who I have always left in a beautiful cattery where they were looked after very well. However the journey there and back was very stressful with them being very unhappy being in the car and me feeling very guilty taking them on this journey. I am also not sure that they gained anything from being away from home despite the very best efforts of the owner of the “cat hotel”. Pet Sitters Ireland provided the perfect solution and from the initial “meet and greet” to the daily emails and to my final coming home to two very beautifully relaxed cats I now know that there is no way I will leave them in any other type of care. I never felt they looked unwell after being in the cattery but they looked, on my return this time, so relaxed with gleaming coats and immediately were able to greet me and sit with me in utter contentment. Needless to say I, their “carer” and “employee” was so relaxed to see this too that I have no anxiety in regard to my next trip. Our animal family are so important to us and it is very important that they are fully happy when we are away. Thank you to Mike and Linda and see you next time.