Rachel & Daisy

The nose of Tralee was a great experience for us as Daisy being chosen to be the limerick nose, it gave us a great opportunity to campaign & represent Bull Breeds. We attended dog shows & store appearances & featured on 2 radio stations & appeared in local newspapers. We also had our campaign poster sponsored by a local business. It was great to see so many people vote & get behind a Pitbull when they are the most misjudged dog breed today. Out of 32 finalists, we were so thrilled to place 3rd with over 3.3k votes. Along the way, we made great friends who we shared our love for our pets & our passion for animals. We can’t wait to see the nose of Tralee 2016 competition take off & get behind the new Limerick nose. I’d also like to say a massive thank you to Kate from Pet Sitters Ireland for investing her time into this fantastic competition & setting up a group where we can all stay in touch & get updates on ~ other noses