It is more akin to a friendly relationship.

With 3 big and very active dogs it is often difficult to get friends or family to dog sit. In 2011 we were really delighted to discover Pet Sitters Ireland. Our dogs are well trained but nonetheless most people are intimidated when they meet all 3 together for the first time. That wasn’t the case at our first meet and greet with Mike. We instructed him in advance how to behave at first meeting. Mike was very confident and did exactly as we said. 5 years later Mike and all 3 dogs are real friends.

We take a number of short breaks away each year and generally a 4 week summer break. As our daughter generally steps in at weekends, we would normally book Pet Sitters Ireland for Monday to Friday for each of those weeks.

While we were away on one 4 week trip there was a family medical emergency and our daughter could not look after the dogs. We contacted Mike, and without any hesitation he stepped in telling us to look after the family issue.
That’s a service you cannot buy. It is more akin to a friendly relationship.

While this is Kate and Mike’s business I think they really do it out of love of pets. Thanks guys!