Royal Rescue Dogs, A Food Bank For Pets and Temporary Pet Care Options. Love Your Pets Radio Ep 52

temporary pet care options

Love Your Pets Radio News

In this section of the show we talk about the pet news.


  • Would you get neuticles for your dog
  • Royal rescue dogs
  • Volunteer heroes
  • Legislation to make rentals more pet friendly
  • The number of dogs destroyed in Irish pounds
  • The first pet food bank in Merseyside


Love Your Pets Radio Pet Care Tips

In this section of the show we look at options for temporary pet care.

We talk about

  1. Friends/family
  2. In home boarding
  3. Kennels/Catteries
  4. Vets
  5. Rescues
  6. Foster Care


Love Your Pets Radio Announcements

Rescue Of The Week

Dog Trust



11th June – Nose of Tralee opens for entries

22nd June – Dog Friendly Ireland Day


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